Late Night Food Deliveries For This Year’s FIFA World Cup Season

The FIFA World Cup Fever has been taking over the entire world, and we’re here to ensure to you don’t go hungry whilst you’re being infected with the soccer craze.

If you aren’t heading out to your favourite bar to watch the game and are too lazy invested in the game to leave the house even to get some food, here are some delivery services that will bring the food all the way to your doorstep. We’ve also compiled the special deals and promos from the FIFA season!


When to order: avoid 1am to 3am because it’s pretty much impossible to place an order then as people all over the island seems to be feeling the hunger pangs around this timing. Try to order before 12 midnight to ensure that you don’t have to wait too long for your order.

For food options, McDonald’s has released a special menu just for the FIFA World Cup Matches, which includes the super popular Sausage McGriddles, Chicken Pizza Kicks (think round McNuggets but with cheese and pizza sauce inside) and a huge-ass Party McFlurry that is a jacked-up McFlurry drenched in hot fudge.

Order McDonald’s through McDelivery or GrabFood


When to order: between 6 to 10pm because Deliveroo is currently running a super sweet promotion where you’ll receive $2 for every goal scored for orders made from any restaurant during that time.

On top of that, you’ll also receive a S$2 credit for every goal scored for orders made between 6pm and 10pm from any restaurant (only applies to selected matches and orders made on the specific day). There are also special menus from various restaurants just to get the cheer on.

The one promotion that we’re especially loving is the Deliveroo Beer Accumulator – Deliveroo will be giving away the same number of beers as the number of goals accumulated from group matches until semi-finals on finals night (15 July if you still didn’t know). The only catch that you only get the free beers if you get the Deliveroo Editions order.

*note: Deliveroo’s delivery times are dependent on the various restaurants

Order from Deliveroo online or download the app from GooglePlay or App Store now. 


When to order: before midnight/ as early as possible so that you don’t get your food during the delivery rush as mistakes are prone to happen

GrabFood’s now taken over UberEats, but they’ve still got a long way to go to catch up with Deliveroo’s amazing FIFA promotions. Other than that, the perks of using GrabFood is that there’s no minimum order (good if you’re camping up alone to watch the match) and you can also use GrabPay and rack up GrabRewards points.

Use the promo code 5FOR3 to get $5 OFF 3 orders!

Download GrabPay from App Store or GooglePlay to browse restaurants and place orders


When to order: as early as possible so that you can avoid the delivery rush because there are huge delays the later you try to order.

You can pick from over 500 restaurants, but there are bundle deals from selected restaurants like PastaMania, Swensen’s, Wing Stop, Crystal Jade, Long John Silvers, Maki-San, Mex Out, A-One Claypot House, Pezzo, Nando’s, Burger King, Wing Zone.

Another reason to order from foodpanda: you might win $50/ $75 vouchers or even a foosball table!

Week 2 (18 – 24 Jun): CHICKEN WEEK. Choose between MASH and COLESLAW
Week 3 (25 Jun – 1 Jul): MEXICAN WEEK. Choose between SALSA and GUAC
Week 4 (2 Jul – 8 Jul): PIZZA WEEK. Choose between SALAD and WINGS
Week 5 (9 Jul – 15 Jul): SUSHI WEEK. Choose between WASABI and GINGER

All you have to do is participate in their “Pick-A-Side” poll by picking your favourite side dish from the two options and key it into the voucher code space while placing your order. Each week is a different poll, so make sure you’re voting for the right poll! We’re also really excited to see the results because this would put an end to the age-old debate whether mash or coleslaw is a better pairing with your chicken.

Order online or download the app from App Store or GooglePlay

Kemono Best Roast Chicken

When to order: before 10pm to ensure that your order goes through!

Having the entire gang over but want something other than fast food or pizza? Try Kemono’s roast chicken which is deliciously crispy and full of flavour. They also have sides like rosti and mashed potatoes, as well as pies and soups. Healthier options like salads and cold pressed juices are also on the menu. You’ll be able to feed everyone!

Order through Whatsapp +65 8600 5997, delivery available from 11am to 12 midnight daily with a $3 delivery fee


When to order: from 9pm onwards because that’s when they start doing deliveries.

Porterfetch is a supper delivery service from all your favourite restaurants and then some. You can also place orders from supper hotspots like Azhar Eating Restaurant and the Geylang Lorong 9 Fresh Frog Porridge. You can get free delivery with a minimum order of $12, but you’ll get charged a service fee of $1.99 for any orders below that.

Order online at

When you’re still awake when the sun rises and you’re still craving some food, hit up one of these delivery services that do not have a service charge.