World Photography Day: A Rising Class of Image-Makers

From Singapore to Mexico, we are featuring a class of emerging image-makers who use their lens to tell stories for World Photography Day. A curation of aesthetics and approaches, the show features documentary, travel photography by names like Aik Beng Chia — may be familiar to our local readers, Anwar Yusli, Sergie Sarakhanov and a few others. These photographers are part of the new wave of image making by creating visual conversations on social media platforms like Instagram. Let us take a look at the curated photo series by the featured photographers.

SINGAPORE: Aik Beng Chia, Singapore

Aik Beng is a local street photographer. He first started shooting photographs in 2008 on his iPhone 3G and is now a Leica ambassador. He often documents people and moments in local scenes and abroad, and his fleetingly captured photographs simultaneously delivers a raw punch of grittiness. This set of aesthetics has garnered him attention both at home and abroad and his photos have been exhibited and published internationally.    


What are some of your favorite places to shoot around the world and why?

Aik Beng: “Come nightfall, and the city lights sparkle, Bangkok is one of my favorite cities to photograph. What I love about the city is the gritty feel of life, where high rise skyscrapers shining in the sunlight contrast with a vibrant, at times shadowy, atmosphere in the back alleys, or Sois. Using iPhone X’s dual OIS and HDR in low light produces clean, crisp images with minimal noise, and it doesn’t resort to overexposing light sources. I prefer to use the Lightroom CC app to further post process the images.”

CENTRAL AMERICA: Carlos Lang, Mexico

Carlos was born in Mexico and became interested in photography and visual arts after moving to LA at 17. He enjoys shooting in places like Japan and Italy with his iPhone. He doesn’t usually carry a huge camera around to document; instead he believes in capturing the split second moments in their most natural state without having a huge equipment disrupt the peacefulness.


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What are some of your favorite iPhone photography gear and apps you can’t live without, and why?

Carlos: “VSCO and Snapseed are my favorite apps to express myself through photos even further by editing tones and textures. As for gear, I love to travel light.”

MALAYSIA: Anwar Yusli, Kuala Lumpur

Anwar is a gifted young photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He recently graduated from University and aspires to become a full-time photographer. Anwar travels and documents his moments exclusively on iPhone X.


What are some of your favorite places to shoot around the world and why?

Anwar recently travelled to the state of Jammu and Kashmir in Northern India and was amazed by the diverse blend of cultures in the region combined with breathtaking surroundings. He focused on taking portraits using iPhone X’s Portrait Mode which featured not only the people he met on his journey but also the natural surroundings that are unique to this region.

RUSSIA: Sergei Sarakhanov, Kiev

Sergei has been a seasoned photographer for over 10 years now. The based in Kiev creator has developed a personal photography style called “human visuals”. With that, he aspires to capture each person’s unique character to tell their life story through his photographs. He also mentors other aspiring photographers from all over the world in portrait and mobile photography.


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What are some of your favorite places to shoot around the world and why?

Sergie: “This year my favorite place is the Chukotka peninsula in the far east of Russia. It feels like the edge of the world – a silent, cold and unique place, where the weather is totally unpredictable, but the people are very kind and welcoming.”

What are some of your favorite iPhone photography gear and apps you can’t live without, and why?

“I mostly use the standard Camera app and VSCO, it is enough for me. Sometimes I also use Mextures, Facetune and CortexCam, but no lenses or any other additional equipment.”