5 Reasons Why It’s The Ship Should Be On Every Festival Bucket List

Cruise ships have always been associated with Titanic velvety upholstered state rooms, 24 hour buffets, and (most of all) an older crowd. I’m talking about those tai-tais who spend their days gossiping and those retirees rich enough to enjoy life.

But who says cruises are only for the fiftysomethings or older? Cruise lines have set their sights on the younger crowd, offering up entertainment like suspended bike rides and bungee trampolining in an attempt to get millenials on board for their next vacation. Themed cruises are also on the rise, and here’s one that is perfect for all you millenials – the music festival on a cruise.

Bloc Party

Whether you’re more of head-throbbing techno fan, hipster-approved beats or a basic big room drop kind of person, you’ve never experienced a rave unlike a music festival on a ship. There are plenty of rave cruises around the world, with the biggest one being Holy Ship, which sets sail from Miami. Even Coachella has taken to the high seas before, and if you don’t want to travel all the way to the other side of the world, there’s It’s The Ship, which conveniently sets sail and docks in Singapore.

A cruise isn’t cheap in the first place, and a themed cruise would obviously cost a bit more. But if you’re a true raver who’s grown bored with Zoukout and Laneway, here are 5 reasons not to miss It’s The Ship!

#1 Nonstop partying (and eating) in comfort

Higher Brothers At Zouk At Sea

From the moment the ship sets sail, the music starts, and it lasts till… actually it doesn’t stop until you dock back in Singapore. Even when you alight at Phuket, you’ll be shipped (pun intended) off to a beach party. With a strong lineup that sees local, regional and global DJs, you won’t ever be bored. Plus some of the smaller stages allow you a much more intimate gig experience than you’ll ever get in a club! Oh, and if you’re feeling a little lightheaded, just head back down to your cabin for a quick nap before jumping right back into the party.

We also want to point out that there is 24 hour buffet spread so that you can refuel at any point of the day (or night). And it’s all included in your cabin fee, so feast on.

#2 Get up close and personal with your favourite DJs

Tyson Beckford and shipmates at the gala dinner

Chances are you won’t be able to bump into your idols on the streets unless you’re in right place at the right time with a fat glob of luck and patience. But when everyone’s all aboard the same ship (4,000 people isn’t a lot of people, really), you might even bump into Big Shaq, although we discourage you from asking him quick math questions cos we’re pretty sure he gets that a lot. This year, some of the DJs who you might spot on deck include Showtek, Sander Van Doorn, Chocolate Puma, Cash Cash, Paul Van Dyk, and even the grandfather of trance, Darude. Big Shaq who will be taking over as Ship Captain from Tyson Beckford will also be on the ship with you!

Mini golf

There are also plenty of opportunities where you can hang out with your favourite DJs. Think mini-golf games, street basketball, whiskey and cigar hangouts, which is so much cooler than just sharing a drink at the bar. There’s even a yoga session, if doing an hour’s of yoga will make you feel better about all the alcohol you just inhaled over the weekend. Although our advice for you is to sigh up for these activities the moment you board the ship cos spots are really, really limited.

#3 All the other activities like themed parties and free advice

Sleepless nights with shirtless Santas

Plus don’t forget all those pop-up and dress up parties like the Onesie Party, Foam Party, On Bloc Party and a huge birthday bash for Mike. And shipmates take their dressing up really seriously, so come prepared and get ready for a whale of time. The popular Dutch party One Night In Amsterdam will be hosting a pop-up night, while The Warehouse Sessions will be bringing their best acts all the way from Toronto to the ship!

Not everything is about bikinis and onesies; there’s even a gala dinner where you get to dress up to the nines. They’ve covered all the bases, really.

Free advice > free hugs

The toughest decision on board is whether you should believe that free advice cos nothing good in life is free.

#4 Take a digital detox

Far out at sea, internet is expensive and shitty. So save yourself some moolah and just disconnect from the rest of the world while you’re away. Call it off-the-grid if you will, but there’s so much on board to really distract you. Can we just remind you that everything else on board the Genting Dream like the 6 water slides, the zip-line and the arcade is also open to you? You won’t be regretting putting down that phone, because look at how much fun you’ll have making memories.

#5 Cos #doepicship

Whether it’s new friends or exciting stories about your experience onboard the ship, you’ll leave with priceless memories. You’ll be stuck onboard with 4,000 people from all over the world who are there for the same reason you are – to have fun. We call it the #Shipfam, and everyone’s pretty friendly, so you might even walk away with a friend or two!


IT’S THE SHIP 2018 takes place from4 to 7 November 2018, and last minute cabins are still available. Check out the full lineup here.