A Journey Through Miss Universe Singapore’s Worst National Costumes Through The Decade

Call in the fashion police because this year’s Miss Universe Singapore National Costume is a fashion no-no. Throughout the years we’ve seen a ton of crazy (and whacky) costumes that were donned down the runway. However, this year’s costume is certainly impermissible. I mean, we admire the message that’s being conveyed behind the design but, are you for real though?

If you haven’t already figured out, the “iconic” dress, had already made headlines for its design inspired by the Trump-Kim Summit that was held earlier this year in June 2018. The event was the first ever meet up between North Korea’s Mr Kim Jong Un and US President Mr Donald Trump – marking it as one of the most monumental moments in history to date, domestically and internationally.

The “mastermind” behind the controversial national costume is none other than, Mr Moe Kasim, himself. It was his third year designing the MUS national costume and this year’s costume took three months to make. We totally admire the blood, sweat and tears put into this costume but we weren’t expecting something this clichè! Yes, we get how the dress is supposed to represent world peace but if it comes with dove wings, a peace symbol and a blue silk skirt emblazoned with a handshake representing the two countries? All we have to say is, peace out!

2018: Zahra Khanum

MUS 2018, Zahra Khanum (Photo Courtesy: The Straits Times, Alphonsus Chern)

Is that an angel? Is that a plane? No, honey, that’s Miss Universe Singapore, Zahra Khanum in this year’s national costume. Now, this dress may be a little over the top with the wings but girl, if you think it stops there, think again.

MUS 2018: Zahra Kahnum (Photo Courtesy: The Straits Times, Alphonsus Chew)

Lo and behold! The dress that everyone has been talking about. If this doesn’t remind you of your old WordArt days, we don’t know what does.

(Photo Courtesy: Art + Marketing)

Coincidence? I think not.

If you haven’t gotten enough laughs, here’s a look at the previous MUS costumes over the past 10 years and their inspiration behind each and every costume.

2017: Manuela Bruntraeger 

MUS 2017: Manuela Bruntraeger. Designed by Mr Moe Kasim (Photo Courtesy: TNP, Phyllicia Wang)

Have you seen the beautifully lit Supertrees at Gardens By the Bay? If you have yet to, then here’s a close-up!

2016: Cheryl Chou 

MUS 2016: Cheryl Chou. Designed by Mr Moe Kasim (Photo Courtesy: TNP, Benjamin Seetor)

A headdress that weighs 1kg, alongside a 3kg backpiece? If there’s one thing we truly admire about Cheryl Chou’s reign as Miss Universe Singapore in 2016, it’d probably be about her strength. Having to carry 500 Swarovski crystals on her head for hours on end? Damn, does this girl lift!

2015: Lisa Marie White

MUS 2015: Lisa Marie White (Photo Courtesy: The Straits Times)

Would it be too much to ask for something a little more normal?

2014: Rathi Menon

MUS 2014: Rathi Menon. Designed by Alejandro Fajardo Diaz (Photo Courtesy: Uma Nathan)

This is what we’re talking about! The stars and crescent may be a little too over the top but this outfit is by far one of the most stunning numbers out of the lot that’s worth praising.

2013: Shi Lim

MUS 2013: Shi Lim. Designed by Riyan Haffys. (Photo Courtesy: Lyn Averson Photography)

We’re guessing the dress was inspired by a peacock in a garden of orchids?

2012: Lynn Tan

MUS 2012: Lynn Tan. (Photo Courtesy: Fashion Style Trend)

The image may not be in high-def but we definitely don’t have to ask for much because we can already tell how much of a mess this was (even in LQ).

2011: Valerie Lim

MUS 2011: Valerie Lim. Designed by Hayden Ng (Photo Courtesy)

It’s a dress and a carpet! What more could you ask for from this multi-functional piece?

2010: Tania Lim

MUS 2010: Tania Lim. (Photo Courtesy)

“Every cloud has a silver lining.” And thankfully, for this dress, it was one of them… until designers took centre stage with more whimsical outfits in the years that came after.

2009: Rachel Kum

MUS 2009: Rachel Kum (Photo Courtesy)

We’re cringing so hard it hurts.

2008: Shenise Wong 

MUS 2008: Shenise Wong. Designed by Riyan Haffys. (Photo Courtesy)

Nothing screams Singapore more than being dressed like a Merlion itself.


The annual Miss Universe competition will be held in Bangkok on December 17th at Impact Arena. So mark your calendars, because like many, we’re at the edge of our seats and we’re just as curious to find out what the world has to say about our country’s own national costume. Godspeed!