YO! MTV Raps Gives You A Taste Of Asia’s Hip-Hop Culture!

You might have already heard that we will see a returning favourite this April courtesy of a mega hip-hop culture destination, Yo! MTV Raps. If that name rings a bell, it might be because the series is a household name in the pulse of hip-hop.

mtv raps asia
Hosted by Yung Raja & Kim Lee

Their debut in Asia proves to deliver an authentic, distinctly Asian experience with talent from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Hosted by Kim Lee and Yung Raja, this series coalesces some of the rapper underdogs and legends from the region in a single space; Yo! MTV Raps is packed with explosive hip hop culture exhibiting Asia’s take on music, fashion and lifestyle.


With the premiere of the 1st episode of YO! MTV Raps, we can expect crowds to go H.A.M. on freestyle raps and watch these artists’ hip-hop knowledge be put to the test, all while head-banging to the stellar line-up of rappers: Gray & Woo, Suboi, Daboyway, Dynamic Duo and more.


Premieres Monday, 7pm (wib), 8pm (sg), 9pm (mal) on MTV Asia.

For more information, visit mtvasia.com