Going Meat-Free Is Possible With Deliveroo x Impossible Foods

We’ve recently talked about how you can make small changes to your lifestyle to live sustainably here, one of which was conscious consumption. Well, here’s some good news — from next Tuesday (21 May 2019) onwards, you can order in Impossible Foods’ tasty yet nutritious plant-based meat substitutes exclusively on Deliveroo! This is also the first time Impossible Foods will be available on delivery for you to enjoy these meat-free creations anytime and anywhere.


A total of 600 #ImpossiblebyDeliveroo Sustainable Swag Kits will be given out to customers who order an Impossible™ meal from PS. Cafe or WOLF Burgers on Deliveroo, from 25 May 2019 onwards.


If you’ve not heard about Impossible Foods before, maybe the award-winning Impossible™ Burger might ring a bell. The company behind the famed burger, Impossible Foods makes delicious “meat” from plants in hopes of making the global food system more sustainable. Made primarily of soy protein, potato protein, coconut oil, and sunflower oil with heme, the Impossible™ Burger definitely won’t disappoint meat lovers. It delivers the flavours and depth of beef while causing much less environmental impact than conventional ground beef from cows — 87% less water, 96% less land, 89% fewer GHG emissions, and 92% less aquatic pollutants.


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Soon, you’ll get to enjoy a range of meat-free dishes from Impossible Foods at the comfort of your home and workplace. Take a look at some of the Impossible™ dishes that will be available on Deliveroo starting next Tuesday.



If you would like to have a taste of what the Deliveroo and Impossible Foods partnership has to offer, then mark 21 May 2019 on your calendar and make your way down to the Ocean Financial Centre. There will be a larger-than-life vending machine and you’ll get to try one of the four Impossible™ dishes!



All you need to do is to download the Deliveroo app on your phone, if you haven’t already. Do watch out for Deliveroo’s friendly promo staff and signage near Ocean Financial Centre on that day and join the queue. Once it’s your turn, place your dish order using the vending machine’s touch screen. Once your food is ready, collect it from the dispensing hatch and enjoy!


Three Buns at Potato Head, Omakase Burger at Picnic, FatPapas, Fatboy’s the Burger Bar, Wolf Burger, PS. Cafe, PappaRich and Oriole Coffee + Bar will serve Impossible™ dishes on Deliveroo from 21 May 2019.