We Found The Next Best Stroller For Families On-The-Go!

It’s a stroller! It’s a trolley! It’s the Bugaboo Ant.

Yes. The folks at Bugaboo are serious about going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to curating a newfound experience for baby strollers. Introducing the Bugaboo Ant: a structural wonder built to give parents the confidence to handle even the toughest of journeys (or simply navigating through the city)… resulting in this ultimate compact travel stroller.

bugaboo ant

At first glance, expect a compact stroller that can be converted into a pull-along suitcase and a reversible seat. Jaw, meet floor.

We were also invited to discover how the Bugaboo Ant came to be, atop trying our hand at transforming the stroller into a literal carry-on. We can attest to the functionality of the product as well as the thoughtful (super sturdy) features laid out. It all makes sense. From a height-adjustable handlebar that gives you more room as you sit down for a cuppa to a foldable one-piece stroller perfect for taking on the squeezy public transport system, the room was all aflutter.

bugaboo ant

We’d like to call it your handy travel companion, but we think that might be a bit of a disservice. Complete with an all-wheel suspension for fewer bumps, an extendable canopy with see-through mesh inserts, and small enough to pop into an overhead compartment, the modern family will probably agree that the Bugaboo Ant ticks all the boxes for a smoother journey.

To satisfy your intrigue, below.


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All systems go from the reclinable seat and lightweight, portable stroller — goodbye, heavy lifting — and bonus points for being able to push and steer with one hand. More? The retractable seat is also car seat compatible. Ahh, bliss.

Suitable from birth to toddler, there’s one more key decision to make before your pick up your new Bugaboo Ant. Pick from their four colourways: black, red, pink and grey.

bugaboo ant
The Bugaboo Ant

Written by Sinead Lee.

The Bugaboo Ant will be available in South East Asia including Singapore starting July 1, 2019. Prices start from SGD799.

The folded dimensions are 55 x 38 x 23 cm. The read luggage basked holds up to 5kg while the under seat basket holds up to 3kg.

For more information, visit Bugaboo.com

Photo credit: @bugaboostrollers