10 HIIT Studios and Gyms In Singapore For The Fit And Time Conscious

Whether you’re a fitness maven or just starting to hit the gym for the first time, exercising can be a lot more fun than you’d dread for it to be. Sure, walking your dog or going for a quick jog count as exercise but for a real calorie burner, you’ll definitely need more than a stroll to shed off all that weight gain.

The fitness scene in Singapore is growing faster than you think, with new exercise hubs popping up faster than you can spell fitness. It’s true — with studios that focus on providing the ever-so-popular HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout to gyms that are open ’round the clock. There’s an abundance of options to choose from, so it comes as no surprise that you’d lose track of what’s good and what’s not. Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down 10 of the newest and well-renown gyms in Singapore for you to break a sweat. Read on to find out more:


Barry’s Singapore’s signature Red Room

By now you would’ve already been familiar with the term HIIT that’s been sprouting at almost every single gym in Singapore. But who does it better than Barry’s?

Pioneering the charge on HIIT workouts since 1998, the boutique fitness studio has been well-received by many for its phenomenal high-intensity workout that’s sure to get your heartbeat pumping. It recently debuted in Singapore in April and the hub features Barry’s signature Red Room (fitted with treadmills, benches and free weights), a Fuel Bar, and fully equipped changing room facilities that reign supreme when it comes to your well-deserved pampering post-workout cooldown.

The 50-minute workout classes consists of 25 minutes of cardio and 25 minutes of strength and conditioning — and is said to burn up to 1,000 calories. They also have a range of classes for you to choose from, depending on which independent muscle group you’re planning to target. If 50 minutes seems a little too short of a period for a workout, think again.

My personal take on Barry’s Singapore? It definitely packs a punch and it’s really intensive; switching from treadmills to free weights within a matter of seconds, there’s barely enough time for you to catch your breath. Nevertheless, it was a good workout, I could feel my whole body aching after the workout and that can only be a sign of a good session. Still, I find it a little too pricey — but if you’re in for a new experience, then it’s definitely worth trying.

Barry’s Singapore
Address: 18 Robinson Road, #03-03, Singapore 048547
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 6.30AM to 9PM, Saturday – 8.30AM to 4.30PM, Sunday – 9AM to 4.30PM
Prices range from $23 – $46 per class and come with 1 month, 3 month, or 12 month membership options. 


OrangeTheory Fitness (Photo Courtesy)

A 60-minute workout that’s equivalent to a 36-hour afterburn? Sign. Us. Up.

When it comes to a full body HIIT workout, Orange Theory definitely knows how to make our hearts race. Bump up your metabolism rate with their fitness programme that’s carefully curated to make the most out of your workout with a system that monitors your heart rate throughout your session with their heart rate monitor as you go through a mix of cardio (on the treadmill), strength and conditioning. (PS. eligibility for this workout isn’t limited to fitspos only — in fact, it’s designed for everyone — no matter your fitness level).

Orange Theory
Address: 38A Martin Road, Robertson Quay, #02-01,  Singapore 239059 and
12 Gopeng Street, Tanjong Pagar, #01-58, Singapore 078877
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 7AM to 9PM, Saturday – 9AM to 12PM, Sunday – 10AM to 1PM
Prices start from $48 per session 

3. F45

F45 Training (Photo Courtesy)

It’s everywhere. F45 has taken the world by storm — and more specifically, in Singapore with its vast array of new studios that are now open all over the island. Sure, it may come across as overrated to some but there’s always a reason why people keep coming back for more. Unlike Ritual and other crossfit hubs, F45 is said to have a reputation for providing varied workout routines for each class — so you’ll never get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Of course, each workout lasts for about 45 minutes, so we’d suggest you come prepared with lots of energy for a fat-blasting workout like no other.

F45 Training
Outlets: Amoy Street, Boat Quay, Bukit Timah, Changi Business Park, Farrer Park, Holland Village, Novena, Orchard, River Valley, Rochor, Serangoon Garden South, Siglap, South Buona Vista, Tanjong Katong, Tanjong Pagar and Tiong Bahru.
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 6AM to 9.30AM; 12.15PM to 1.30PM; 6.15PM to 8.15PM. Saturday – 7AM to 11PM
Prices range from $30 – $35 per session, with monthly memberships starting from $244 to $316 (depending on the location) 


Ritual Gym (Photo Courtesy)

Often you’d find yourself pressed for time when it comes to squeezing in that workout sesh that you’ve been procrastinating about. We get it. Whether it’s because you’re too lazy or you’ve little or no time to workout during the weekdays, there’s no excuse on skipping your daily cardio when you have Ritual Gym to count on.

Here at Ritual, you’ll be introduced to a 20-minute fat-blasting HIIT workout that’s made to make you work hard (and fast). Yes, 20 minutes. Of course, it goes without a doubt that you’re expected to give your all and push yourself to your limit for this short workout to make the most out of your session.

BTW, it’s also said that even a short and effective workout is proven to be more effective than an hour’s worth of effort on the treadmill. Just sayin’.

Ritual Gym
Outlets: Raffles Place, Holland Village and Robertson Quay
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 6.30AM to 9PM, Saturday to Sunday – 8AM to 6PM
Prices range from $20 – $30 per session, with monthly memberships starting from $199 to $249 



Get your endorphins pumping here at Field Assembly!  Located in the CBD, this fitness hub is a 3-storey gym that offers classes ranging from strength to HIIT for you to get in that full-body workout. On top of it all, the gym also offers the option of Brazilian, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Yoga for days when you feel like trying something a little more different.

Field Assembly
Address: 39 Carpenter Street Level 3, 4 and the Roof, Singapore 059918
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 6AM to 9.30PM, Saturday – 6AM to 3PM
Prices start from $126 for 9 passes (all-access starter pack) 


TFX Fitness at Funan

The new kids on the block are here and they’re ready to shake up your basic fitness routine! Located at the newly renovated Funan Mall, TFX Fitness comes as True Fitness’ 10th instalment to its chain here in Singapore. But what makes it any different from the other True Fitness chains you may ask?

From L — R: Swimming Pool, Spin Studio, Functional Training Studio

First off, there’s a beautiful swimming pool that overlooks the city landscape, a spin studio and a functional training studio that’s decked out with top grade equipment that helps to maximise your workout; motivating you to push yourself harder to reach your highest potential. The gym also provides a Myzone heart rate monitor (MZ1) which is linked to the Myzone app, so you can track your progress for each session. Not to mention, their locker rooms are outfitted with our favourite Dyson Hairdryers and it goes without saying that we’re totally obsessed!

In my opinion, I was blown away by a number of things here at TFX. First off, the advanced equipment that they’ve imported — for instance, their bicep curl machine that counts your reps for you and their motorless treadmill that’s entirely powered by the user without the use of any electricity. Also, the studio is spacious enough (we’re talking about 2 levels here) for you to roam around in.

TFX Fitness
Address: Funan Mall, 107 North Bridge Road, #04-18, Singapore 179105
Opening Hours: 10AM to 10PM
Prices start from $138 for a monthly membership 


Platinum Fitness (Photo Courtesy)

Gym go-ers working in the CBD often find it tough to squeeze in a quick gym sesh especially when you have to work overtime. Nevertheless, with gyms like Platinum Fitness, getting that daily cardio into your routine just got a whole lot easier.

No excuse — this premium gym is open 24/7 and it’s nestled right in the heart of the CBD district. With an affordable monthly fee, you won’t have to worry much about splurging so much on your gym memberships. Additionally, the gym also conducts HIIT classes if you’re planning to take it up a notch, and you can even bring your personal trainer (if you have one) for a small entrance fee as well!

Platinum Fitness
Address: 6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery, #B1- 04/05, Singapore 068815
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours, daily
Prices range from $90 – $150 for a monthly membership


Gymmboxx (Photo Courtesy)

Heading to the gym may sound like a simple feat. But simple isn’t always easy. If you find yourself stuck, looking to hit the gym in the wee hours of the morning, consider Gymmboxx. With most of its gyms located at the suburban estates’ in Singapore, Gymmboxx offers some of the most affordable gym memberships alongside a range of personal training packages for those who are unfamiliar with gymming.

Just a tip: Try to avoid going to Gymmboxx during their peak hours (in the evening) as it can get a little crowded and cramped.

Address: Bedok Point Mall, Bishan CC, JCube, Century Square, Keat Hong and Kebun Baru.
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours, daily
Prices start from $8 per entry, $65 – $85 for a monthly membership 


(Photo Courtesy)

Eat, sleep, breathe fitness? If you’re as hardcore of a gym junkie as you claim to be, Anytime Fitness might just be the one for you. Forget the classes, here at Anytime Fitness you have free rein on any exercise that you’ve always thought of doing. Not saying that they don’t have classes, in fact, Anytime Fitness also conducts HIIT, Yoga and Zumba sessions too!

With over 45 locations located islandwide, this gym definitely tops most of the gyms in Singapore with its high accessibility rate, you’d probably find one a stone’s throw away from home.

What I like most about Anytime Fitness is the freedom to do whatever you like without having to wait endlessly to use the equipment of which you’d encounter in other gyms. On top of that, it’s open ’round the clock and it’s literally everywhere! There’s never an area in Singapore where you won’t find Anytime Fitness — east, west, north, south — there’s bound to be one near you.

Anytime Fitness
Address: Various locations around Singapore. Check out their website for the full listing.
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours, daily
Prices start from $30 per entry, $80 – $100 for a monthly membership 


The Gym Pod at Alexandra Road (Photo Courtesy)

As a woman, ambling through the gym in a sea of men can be a tad bit intimidating especially when you’re entering the free weights zone. You’d be receiving strange stares or you’ll probably see them hogging the whole area without offering to share the weights. Ahh, the dilemma…

Thankfully enough, there are places out there for those who’d much prefer to having the whole space to themselves. Enter The Gym Pod. With four different locations to choose from, these new Gym Pods come as a new fitness experience for gym-goers who are more comfortable gymming on their own.

They’re basically small containers fitted with gym equipment with 30-minute sessions that you can book online for a more hassle-free experience. Aside from its aesthetically pleasing industrialised look it’s got going on, the Gym Pod is undoubtedly one female-friendly gym spot that you definitely have to try out if you’re looking to work up a sweat by yourself (or even with your girlfriends).

Plus, it’s open 24 hours! So, ladies, you don’t have any excuse to not burn those extra cals you’ve been complaining ’bout.

The Gym Pod
Address: Alexandra Technopark, JTC Launchpad @ Ayer Rajah, Changi City Point and International Business Park.
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours, daily
Prices start from $7/hr per person