The MUJI Edit: Storage Essentials For A Stylish Home

Mirror mirror on the wall, who promises the most versatile, compact storage essentials of them all? These options from Muji, for sure. Part decor and all parts necessary, their storage methods are both minimally chic and practical additions to your humble abode.

Let’s get to finding you ‘The One’, shall we?



Designed to suit your own lifestyle, these storage goods by Muji simply deliver a versatile living space by helping to streamline the interiors of spatially-challenged homes.

When you need (but can’t sacrifice) more closet space


Closet space fills up fast, so we’re no stranger to the ongoing battle of trying to declutter or struggle in our quests for size-conscious furniture. With Muji, their wardrobe storage system has “compact space” written all over it.

The polypropylene case is a minimalist drawer for your garments to be stored and allows you to see what’s inside with its understated semi-sheer detailing; t-shirts, socks, underwear can even be folded up and slotted in upright. For those that require even more room, opt for their storage products with wheels. A perfect fit for deeper closets, the rolling cabinets can be pulled out so you can easily reach items kept at the back.

When your bathroom can’t contain your extensive beauty habits


Golden rule: don’t use expired beauty products, your money-maker might just depend on it. Be it an eyeshadow palette, mascara, or serum, continued use of expired products will unavoidably turn it into a hotbed of conjunctivitis, breakouts and more.

That said, invest in a storage organiser that sections off space for your skincare and makeup essentials so that you’re more visibly aware of the items shelf life. We’d say we’re all for it. To up the ante on storage essentials, a bathroom bar cart to end all bar carts — we’ll be over here saving space with this functional and moveable piece that can also be used as a mobile worktop when cleaning the bathroom.

When making space for kitchenware is done in vain


Unused space is back, more aggressively than ever, proving that its time to take advantage of morsels of otherwise untouched spaces. Think: the side of your refrigerator or your clutter of disorganised pots and pans. Inventory management, meet Muji.

Strike the kitchen space jackpot with Muji’s shelving units and stockers with wheels that epitomises that minimalistic, spacial, and compartmentalised trifecta. Add to that? Their stainless steel and polypropylene surface makes their storage essentials easy to clean when dealing with oil splashes and food spills during cooking.

When your small knick-knacks look like an episode of hoarders


From a stack of magazines collecting dust in one corner to random stationery you just can’t seem to part with, consider stacking cabinets and box organisers the jack of all trades when storing your knick-knacks.

For those that prefer larger furniture proportions, opt for this sleek console for your living space — compartmentalised enough to stow away space-consuming homeware items (from bedsheets to extra charging cables and more).

Written by Sinead Lee.

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