If You Haven’t Fallen In Love With These Snowskin Mooncakes, You’re About To

Mid-Autumn Festival is more about the mooncakes than anything else. Yes, we indulge in a gathering or two with family and friends and remember the importance of family reunions but we celebrate with food: traditional or snowskin mooncakes filled with sweet-bean or lotus-seed paste.

Some places you go to for the super traditional route, some you go for snowskin mooncakes that become an instant conversation starter. If the latter matters more to you, read on, and be mindful not to drool.



Forget standard flavours; Bakerzin has birthed more irresistible snowskin moments than one could dream of. Think: a Boba collection with bits of chewy white boba, a range of licquer-laced mooncakes and a variety of black sesame with a rich peanut butter crunch. If you’re Team Tipsy, you’ll find your snowskin mooncakes spruced with a generous spread of apple vodka, butterscotch baileys, latte Kahlua or coconut liqueur.

Price range: $37+
Availability: Bakerzin outlets and online starting from now till 13 Sep 2019.
Early bird discount: 10% off till 23 Aug 2019.


snowskin mooncakes

Arguably serving some of the most lavish desserts in town, to date, this cool Parisian patisserie conjured up a series of extravagantly decorated snowskin mooncakes. Their Peach Truffle also envelops a low sugar oolong paste. And for Ondeh Ondeh die-hards like us, it boasts a pandan paste and a gula melaka that bursts into flavour the moment the mooncake is cut.

Price range: $56+
Availability: Penhas Road outlet and Millenial Walk outlet (Aug 2019).
Early bird discount: 20% off till 31 Jul 2019, 15% off till 30 Aug 2019.

Janice Wong

snowskin mooncakes

Janice Wong snowskin mooncakes prove to be anything but boring in 2019. Matcha,  yuzu, chestnut, and azuki have made their flavourful rounds in his limited edition set — all of which represent specific prefectures in Japan (can we get an A+ for effort?). We’re talking nine unique flavours bearing bold pops of pastel colours. Hey, you can never have too much of a good thing, right?

Price range: $65+
Availability: Currently available online.
Early bird discount: 20% off till 25 Aug 2019.

Shang Palace

snowskin mooncakes

If there’s one thing that’s pretty clear with Shang Palace’s snowskin mooncakes this year, it’s the slew of their in-house kaya you’ll find. First off, silky smooth kaya encased in a white chocolate shell! The other flavour features just fresh yuzu juice, zest and sake; which is best paired with tie guan yin (or champagne). Also, bonus points for their super sweet case adorned with sweet blossoms.

Price range: $80+
Availability: Shangri-La Hotel from 9 July – 13 Sep 2019.


snowskin mooncakes

Turning things up a notch are Swensen’s ice cream mooncakes. Laying out a selection of sweet bites reminiscing that of local flavours like bandung, durian, sedap chempedak, and many more. Our favourites from the lot? Hands down, that sweet purple yam concocted with a creamy texture and nutty flavours. Your new ice cream mooncake awaits.

Price range: $11.90+
Availability: Swensen outlets and online from 1 Aug – 13 Sept 2019.
Early bird discount: 20% off till 31 Aug 2019, 15% off till 13 Sep 2019.


snowskin mooncakes

Picture this: mini snowskin mooncakes, blended with sweet white lotus paste and infused with champagne. Yes, yes and yes. A notable mention is its honey and dragon fruit paste that has a blend of natural honey. You can never go wrong with a healthier option.

Price range: $72+
Availability: Mitzo from 14 Aug – 13 Sep 2019.


traditional mooncakes

Where there is mooncake, there are usually durians. Balance is paramount in making a durian mooncake — the flavour should be rich yet not overpowering. Their new mooncake is also given an auspicious twist with its yellow snowskin; echoing the full moon that rises high during the lunar month.

Price range: $64+
Availability: Yàn’ online starting from now till 13 Sep 2019.