Discovering The Secret To Youthfully Radiant Skin — The Lancôme Génifique Discovery Tunnel with Rosalyn Lee

As time goes by, we obtain loads of baggage we wish we could do without. NYLON writers tell us that for them, it’s that first branded bag they ever bought which is unfortunately past its prime or the emotional baggage from their last job. For others, some of that baggage is more visible, such as those fine lines and loose skin that can add 5 years to our real age.

The most reliable way to combat this is, of course, to do as the diligent do: by investing in skin repair products that do the most for your complexion, especially as you age. An idea: get started at Lancôme’s Génifique Discovery Tunnel pop-up where you’ll be introduced to the NEW Advanced Génifique serum powered by Microbiome science. Your skin depends on it.

Lancôme Génifique Discovery Tunnel

Lancôme Génifique Discovery Tunnel

We were invited by the brand to explore the immersive pop-up and much-awaited update on the #1 worldwide bestseller serum:  the new Advanced Génifique Serum that promises stronger, younger-looking skin, together with Rosalyn Lee (@heyrozz).


Open to the public from the 30 August to 8 September 2019, visitors can wander the star-speckled tunnel on Orchard road outside Mandarin Gallery and learn all about how their own unique skin microbiome protects, regulates and repairs their skin’s barrier. It involves the use of star Lancôme product, the Advanced Génifique Youth-Activating Serum. There are also infographic walls, product reviews, and beauty stations to be experienced, with beauty therapists ready for touch-ups using best-selling Lancôme skincare and makeup products.

Here’s a video that showcases every part of our interactive journey:


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“I’ve been using Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique for 10 years now and my skin is amazing!” Rozz tells us. “This pop-up allows us to gain insight into the new Advanced Génifique which been enriched with a unique blend of 7 pre- and probiotic fractions.”

The serum ensures that skin is balanced, refreshed, and protected as it delivers luminosity and reduces visible signs of ageing. In short? This is your Fountain of Youth encased in a single bottle. No wonder A-listers such as Rozz, Jeanette Aw and Aaron Kwok are in on it.

The Immersive World Of Microbiome Zone

lancome advanced genefique discovery tunnel

The first room invites you to discover how Lancôme’s famed Advanced Génifique serum concoction came to be, atop stepping into a mirror room reimagined as a suit of armour made of sparkling lights (read: microbiome cells). Prime real estate for Instagram, indeed. Maybe you’ll be entranced by the 360-degree experience, and the introduction to microbiome science — everything you need to know about Lancôme’s journey in unlocking the secret to healthy, beautiful skin.

The Microbiome Science Zone

lancome singapore

Fun fact: it actually took Lancôme laboratories 15 years of research on skin micriobiome! If the term microbiome sounds foreign to you, fret not — within this infographic-style room you can discover how it helps better protect and recover your skin from external aggressors. Think all manners of your skin microbiome to understanding the essential skincare resources within the product: from the elixir brimming with an upgraded formula with a unique blend of 7 pre and probiotic fractions.

Génifique Reviews Zone

lancome advanced genefique discovery tunnel 1

Those ready to get a first-hand experience on the product can try out the serum themselves here, as well as check out the real reviews from other women who have previously tried it. Did you know Génifique actually has 10,000 five- star rave reviews worldwide and 97% would recommend to a friend?  Upon sampling, the product shows signs of its promises; the formula is deliciously lightweight and absorbs into the skin immediately.  Don’t forget to customise your very own review on the Advanced Génifique, too! Kick things off by snapping a photo at their Génifique Infinity Mirror — plus, catch your name appear on their LED screen.

Skin Consultation Zone

Wrinkles abound? Uneven skin tone? Dehydrated skin? Lancôme’s beauty advisors have it covered. Here, you can receive a consultation from them and undergo their Pro Radiance Service (upon availability) using the product. Add to that? Collect a 7-day trial kit of the Advanced Génifique and learn about the brand’s latest offers. Even Rozz’s eternally fresh-faced complexion is accredited to the brand’s Advanced Génifique, which she deems essential to her skincare routine.

This Advanced Génifique Youth-Activating Serum is engineered to repair skin, fight ageing effects such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity, as well as promote radiant skin in as fast as 7 days. Big claims — ones that Lancôme certainly lives up to.

Visit the Lancôme Génifique Discovery Tunnel today!

Génifique Discovery Tunnel by Lancôme

Date: 30 August 2019 (Fri) – 8 Sep 2019 (Sun)
Time: 10am to 930pm, daily
Venue: Outside Mandarin Gallery
Admission is Free
Sign up here for priority entry to the Génifique Discovery Tunnel!

Pick up your products at any Lancôme counter near you.

Brought to you by Lancôme.


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