SGCC 2019: Tips From The Comic Artist Behind Transformers

The one and only Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) is back this 7-8 December with fresh offerings of limited edition merch, a delicious line-up of entertainment and even e-Sports tournaments for gaming fans!

But if you’re a budding creator or artist, you’ll be excited about the meet and greet with comic creators, illustrators and toy designers. With the likes of three-time New York Times best-selling artist Jock (The Losers, Detective Comics), Greg Capullo (X-Force, Spawn and Batman) and Livio Ramondelli (DC Universe Online, Transformers), you’ll know you want to chow down on this.

Get tips from Livio Ramondelli

Livio, via his Instagram

SGCC may be your only opportunity to meet Livio. An American comic book artist with a portfolio that includes the Transformers comics for IDW Publishing, Pacific Rim for Legendary Comics and the cover art for The Transformers: The Animated Movie Blu-Ray amongst many others.


via Livio’s Instagram

With that said, here are three useful tips from Livio!

1. Be inspired by other creators


You walk like them, talk like them and when your mum asks to knock it off, you say in a deep voice: no, I’m Batman. Livio says the simplest way to be inspired is to look back on that childhood cartoon or character that struck a chord with you. And as you grow up, you’ll begin to understand why it left that much of an impact. You’ll then start appreciating just how much thought and effort is put behind making your childhood idol as great as you believed they were. As an aspiring comic artist back then, that was his inspiration.

2. Focus on the story, not the medium.

via Livio’s Instagram

In our current media landscape with social media and whatnot, literally anybody can create and be seen. What’s difficult though, is standing out in that sea of content. “A good story is always a good story,” words of wisdom from Livio. Once you have a solid story, it should work no matter the platform; as a comic, novel or cartoon. The most important thing is making sure that “technology should always be secondary to what you are making”.

3. Follow your dreams

via Livio’s Instagram

It sure is cliché as heck, but all you need to do is to break it down into tiny steps. Slowly but surely with hard work, it’ll come. For the budding creators out there, Livio encourages you to really think about what would make you happy in terms of your career. And finally, his last piece of advice to you:

“Absolutely follow your dreams. It is important to remember the things you want to achieve and work hard at it.”

You can check out Livio’s work on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. SGCC returns from 7-8 December at Marina Bay Sands Expo Halls A, B and C. Tickets are available for purchase now via this link. Click here for more info.