Here’s How To Spoil Your Pampered Dog With Gourmet Food 101

To my fellow dog parents, nod with me in solidarity if you have a) spent more money on dog accessories than you do for yourself; b) have more pictures of your pet on your phone than your family; or c) planned a birthday party for your dogs and their friends.

Naturally, we’re here to share more ways to spoil your dog. While commercial pet food is relatively cheaper, opting for high-quality gourmet food gives your companion more wholesome, freshly-made and nutritious options. In sum: more fun, balanced and healthier versions of our human food.

To help you along, we rounded up some of the best dog gourmet food.

If you’re a true Singapawren

dog gourmet food
Photo credit: @Barkinggoodsg

Local pet bakeries or homemade gourmet food for your pet are a dime a dozen but this store definitely stands out. Think succulent chunks of tender pork simmered with bak kut teh herbs to building your own pizza for your dog. For the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, they’re even selling cereal prawn and goreng pisang mooncakes! There’s a good chance you might spend more than you intended to.


If your dog has a taste for the finer things in life

dog gourmet food
Photo credit: @Aprilthemalshi

What better way is there to spoil your dog than with an extravagant cuisine lineup? This is where Isa Pets and Bakes steps in — they deliver fancy dog gourmet food, from roast duck tarts and coconut broth to braised baby back pork ribs with minty yoghurt. If your pet is a food snob (yes, they exist), this shop has all the options for the fine dining fanatic.


If your dog always stares at you when you eat ice cream

Photo credit: @Zorrofrenchie

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a dissatisfied pet of Woofalicious’ ice cream. With an acute focus on the all-natural and grain-free effects of dog treats, they provide freezer-less ice cream mix that is made with goat’s milk plus no sugar added. Their flavours include maple bacon, pumpkin, candy cane, blueberry and vanilla. Time for your pet pantry to switch things up for the better.


If your dog is celebrating their barkday

Photo credit: @Cobamsg

Leave it to Cobam to always put up a refined, bespoke cake experience. The store is replete with personalised, designer cake options and smashing cupcake party favours, but above all, they also have gift bags available filled with extra treats and toys. Let’s just say, this is where to go if you and your pet are feeling extra fancy.


If you want to surprise your dog with new treats

dog gourmet food
Photo credit: @Feedmypaws

This cosy store has a decent selection of dehydrated treats, mini cupcakes and birthday bundles, but their highlight is undoubtedly their monthly subscription boxes. We’re talking up to 6 different treats such as freshly baked cookies, freeze-dried kangaroo snacks, and even pet-friendly iced-gems. Did we also mention that they stock up homemade treats for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas?


If you (and your dog) have a slight drinking problem

dog beer
Photo credit: @Milywaythepoodle

It might be a cute novelty but Floof’s take on it proves to be entirely ingenious. Picture this: a non-alcoholic brew packed with a super nutritious bone broth that is great for your dog’s digestions and joint health. It’s rich in nutrients and not to mention, promises a boost for their immune system. Without a doubt, it’s chicken soup for the soul. Literally.

website: FLOOF.SG

Written by Sinead Lee.