A Simple Gift Guide For The Different ‘Types’ Of People On Your Wish List With Muji’s Holiday Collection

Christmas is upon us and if you haven’t started adding things to your wish list yet then you might just want to consider Muji’s latest array of items from their holiday collection!

By now, some of us are probably hunting down gift ideas for a caboodle of your friends, relatives, and not to forget, that distant cousin of yours whom you’ve never met since last year’s annual family gathering — yikes! Should I get her this sweater? How about some snacks — you can’t go wrong with snacks, can you? Or maybe an adorable bean bag — because who doesn’t love bean bags? Ah, anything that involves money, gifts, family, friends, emotions and expectations, at times can feel like hell.

Whatever the case is, we’ve all had doubts when it comes to the gift-giving season — and we don’t blame you. In fact, you’ve come to the right place. To make things a little easier, we’ve rounded up a thoughtful gift-giving guide from Japanese minimalist brand, Muji, that you can get your hands on that’s sure to make your anyone’s life easier.

For that friend who has major OCD

Yes, we all have that one friend (or mom) who has an OCD problem when it comes to keeping everything organised. “Everything has to be colour coded, aligned and arranged to perfection,” you get what we mean. So what better way than to surprise them with a gift that they’d truly appreciate. Yes we’re talking coloured notebooks and pens from Muji for them to stock their desks with to feed their crazy obsessions. it may be a little too simple of a gift to some, but don’t worry, you’ll thank us later.


For that friend who’s a homebody 

Ever came across someone who’s always way too lazy to get out of their house despite the countless invites – be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper? Not to mention, with the onslaught of bad weather forecasts in Singapore, for some, heading out of the house can be such a chore. So if you ever have a homebody as a friend, and dragging him/her out is an impossible feat that you’ve completely given up on, then consider these gifts for them this holiday.

Getting some fresh air can be tough if you’re a homebody but to elevate your experience at home, consider investing in an aroma diffuser like these ones from Muji to uplift and invigorate your senses or set a calming ambience.


For that friend who’s always travelling

Know of a friend who’s always posting pictures on Instagram like she’s always on the go? If only we could be in their shoes… Quit dreaming for a bit, for a gift that’s apt for that wanderlust friend of yours, look over to Muji’s range of apparel that’s set to keep them warm this winter season. They’re thoughtful, practical and totally apt for the season, what more could you ask for?


For that friend who loves cooking 

Unlike most of us who can’t cook for nuts (raise your hands if you can relate), a lot of times we have that one friend in our close circle whom we’d always look forward to for that annual Christmas dinner.

The perfect gift? A set of crockery. Sure, at this point in time, you might be thinking, “Oh how typical of a gift could that be?” Well, think of it this way – with such a gift, hopefully, your friend will be motivated to cook more often, so you can look forward to more dinners in the year ahead. It’s a win-win situation!


For more information on Muji’s collection, check out their website at muji.com.