Get A Bikini Bod At The Comfort Of Your Home (Or Anywhere You Go) With Liv Lo

It’s 6.30pm, and you’ve just clocked out of work. Now you have approximately 30 minutes to make it to your class, or you’ll waste yet another attempt at working out for the week (to say the least). As creatures of habits, we’re pretty darn persistent when it comes to squeezing in more things to do in our schedule — not like we have enough things on our hand already. Eventually, our days spent working out are lessened and we go through the whole cycle of spending more money on classes and lesser time on actually exercising.

Though there are a lot of workout options out there to consider, finding one that actually fits your schedule would be (and should be) your best bet in achieving that bikini bod you’ve been dreaming of for years. (That, and also one that you’re comfortable with of course.) In our plight to keep in the best shape, whatever our age may be, we resort to a ton of workout routines that would get our hearts pumping and our whole body sweating. So what should a modern-day women warrior look for to shed off that extra kilo or two, or even to keep fit despite her hectic schedule?

That’s where Fitsphere comes in.


Founder of Fitsphere — model/host-turned-fitness guru, Liv Lo.

Launched in 2017, model/host-turned-fitness guru, Liv Lo, unveiled her first fitness project, Fitsphere, which sees a unique take on your typical yoga class.

Seamlessly incorporating the ever-so-popular HIIT workout, and other activities such as strength training, circuit exercises, and even meditation sessions, Liv Lo decided to expand her reach into the different training components of exercise to build on her own routine while having greater flexibility of time.

As part of her Fit-Yoga Programs on Fitsphere, you’ll find episodes of Liv Lo’s highly raved routines on her website where there are a range of classes — such as ‘FitSphere First’, ‘FitSphere To Go’, ‘FitSphere Force’, ‘FitSphere Red Carpet’ and ‘Fitsphere 21 Day Challenge’ — that accommodates to various needs and goals of individuals. With 6 to 21 episodes, depending on the package, prices range from USD20 to USD50 per package; which is certainly affordable considering you can watch them all-year-round.


Unlike traditional classes which you have to attend every week, Fitsphere is a fitness programme that offers a more flexible option (no pun intended) of at-home workouts, so you can fit it into your schedule no matter the time or place. Gone are the days where you’ve to anchor yourself in a studio!

Basically, whether you’re on vacation or you’re in need of a quick pump at home, all you need to do is to whip out your phone and follow the routine.

If you’re wondering about exercise tools, Liv’s routines keep it simple. They mostly comprise of one main component — none other than these Spheres.

These Weighted Balls, that weigh 2LBs each, aren’t just any kind of balls, BTW. In fact, these newly designed weighted balls act as weights to intensify the workout you’re working on — be it when you’re running, walking, hiking, or even just moving around your home.

Made with a textured surface, these balls don’t slip out of your hands for a better grip during your workout and prevents slickness from your sweat.


The fit-yoga programmes have been launched on her website, with options of a single programme or the entire collection of workout programmes that also includes Liv Lo’s beauty and diet philosophy.

On her website, you’ll also find curated articles that dive in deeper about topics on living a healthy lifestyle where you can learn a few tips and tricks on acing that routine of yours. Besides, when it comes to weight loss, it’s all about 80% diet and 20% exercise.


Find out more about FitSphere by Liv Lo on her website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram