10 Of The Best Basque Burnt Cheesecakes You Can Order Online

While we’d normally classify burnt cakes under “baking fails we’d be too embarrassed to show off” — just named that album in your camera roll — the recently trending burnt cheesecake is no accident! With its scorched top and cracked edges, the dessert-of-the-moment has gained appeal for its rustic exterior and the delight of a rich, gooey centre.

Some facts here before we jump right in. The basque burnt cheesecake originates from Basque Country, and is a crustless cheesecake baked at a high temperature in order to achieve that burnt exterior and lava-like creamy inside, which ideally oozes out when sliced into. Fans of the cake also talk about how there’s a hint of a slight char that adds a unique dimension to the typical rich and sweet flavour profile of a cheesecake.

Featured: Paparch, Bakery Brera, The Kins’, Cat & the Fiddle.

The Internet-enabled trend first gained traction in 2019, and since then, plenty of F&B outlets here — bakery, cafes, or restaurants — have since put forth their best classic or innovative offerings on the menu. And while we’re still advised to stay home as much as possible, Circuit Breaker or not, just know that plenty of these establishments offer islandwide delivery, so you can have your dream dessert delivered to your home.


1. Bakery Brera

Whether it’s loaves of sourdough, brioche, sundried tomato or walnut onion, this bakery at Empress Road nails it every time, with their offerings of freshly baked artisanal breads made with fine flours from France and Japan. Take their flavoured cruffins, for instance! We’ve heard that they even supply bread to restaurants such as The Kitchen By Wolfgang Puck. We’d trust them for their crustless Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($7.30/slice) then. Available in a slice or whole cake, these are baked fresh daily with three types of cheeses — they’re often sold out by the end of the day, so order early in order to snag a slice!

Bakery Brera, order online. Min. order $30. Pick-ups at their outlet only, or use Lalamove or GrabDelivery to book an external delivery service (fees are usually $10-20). 

2. Keong Saik Bakery

The retro-looking bakery at Keong Saik is famed for their old-school breads and pastries done with a modern flair — the elegant Cantonese bun ‘Sor Hei’ for instance — though fans also flock to their outlet to enjoy their series of burnt cheesecakes. This includes the most popular item on the menu, a classic Burnt Cheesecake ($7.50/slice) with its oozy centre, a Matcha Burnt Cheesecake ($8/slice), as well as this spectacular beauty here, the Two-Face ($8.50/slice) burnt cheesecake, a hybrid that combines them both. Indecisive? We’re calling it perfect for the greedy folks who want it all. Nah, that’s us too.

Keong Saik Bakery, order online or fill in this Google Form. Islandwide delivery available. Delivery fees — $20 for orders below $80 ; $10 for orders between $80 to $125 ; free for orders above $125.

3. Paparch

Social media sensation Paparch seems to only specialise in burnt cheesecakes, though in all fairness, theirs looks the most delectable of the bunch. The business is owned by a Singapore-based home baker, and is a great halal option for those who like the outer layers of their Burnt Cheesecake ($49/cake) just slightly burnt, and a molten melts-in-your-mouth centre of cheese cream that they’re touting as #SweetMeltedOoze. Act fast though as the brand has already gained a huge following during the recent Circuit Breaker phase — the July slots are already filled!

Paparch, order online. Islandwide delivery available. $10 delivery fee.

4. Cat & the Fiddle

From the cheesecake specialist by pastry chef Daniel Tay comes this beautiful creation — the imaginatively named Charred Eclipse ($48.90/cake), which comprises of a smooth, lavish body that layers rich cream cheese and Martabak cheese for an intense flavour that’ll have you going back for more. Sweet, savoury, and slightly toasty, all rolled into one. You can also pick up any of their other Halal-certified varieties of gourmet cheesecakes, whether it’s a New York-style, Oreo classic, or one of their bestselling options, a medley of 10 flavours in one cake.

Cat & the Fiddle, available online. Islandwide delivery available. Delivery fees — $6.90 ; free delivery for order over $90.

5. Bread & Hearth

Located at both Keong Saik and East Coast Road, bread lovers often rejoice at the bakery cafe’s signature styles of handcrafted artisan bread, baked using traditional European methods; they don’t shy away from more time-consuming but time-tested techniques as well, which has earned them the respect of discerning customers. We’ve also recently discovered a Burnt Cheese Cake ($8.90/slice) on their menu. This one’s baked up to 60 minutes in order to get that perfect caramelisation on the cheese, so you’re getting an intense burnt caramel flavour along with soft French cream cheese that your fork will love sinking into.

Bread & Hearth, available online. Islandwide delivery available. From $2.50 for delivery.

6. Fluff Bakery

This very beloved halal bakery started out as head baker’s Nursyazanna Syaira’s home baking hobby, before evolving into the quaint little showstopper we know today, located among the shophouses at the Arab Street area and especially tempting thanks to its bright, pastel interior. Fluff Bakery’s cupcakes are one of the most highly raved about in town, but we think their Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($7.50/slice, $75/whole cake) looks just as inviting, with just the right ooze from the centre, and a light jiggly texture too.

Fluff Bakery, available online. Islandwide delivery available. Delivery fees — $10, or $15 for Tuas/Changi ; free for orders above $100 / $120 (Tuas/Changi).


7. The Kins’ Specialty Coffee

Another popular choice, Kins’ Burnt Cheesecake ($8/slice) is a godsend. I mean, just look at the picture above! You’re looking at a cheesecake with a smoky top layer, followed by light fluffy mousse, then a nice, rich centre that’s melty and creamy. Needless to say, this one’s best eaten right away. The minimalist cafe located near Pasir Panjang MRT also serves brunch food as well as pastries and dessert, while their Burnt Cheesecake variations come in original ($8) or a hojicha-flavoured one ($8.50) if you’d like a fragrant hint of Japanese tea.

The Kins’ Specialty Coffee, whatsapp +65 8286 2230 to order. Islandwide delivery available, free with a min. order of $50.

8. Grub

Cheese and kaya makes for an unlikely combination, but we get it — basically, a pandan-flavoured burnt cheesecake right? Under Grub’s menu of quality brunch options, we also get a regular Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($10.50/slice), as well as the fragrant Kaya Burnt Cheesecake ($10.50/slice) that holds its soft and creamy centre pretty well. While their Bishan Park outlet is currently closed, you can still get your fix by having it delivered from their Balestier outlet.

Grub, available online. Islandwide delivery available. Delivery fees — $20 for orders below $60 ; free with a min. order of $60.


9. Olivia Restaurant & Lounge

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge has quite the reputation as a restaurant and cocktail bar — oh, it’s a good one. Helmed by multi-award-winning chef, Alain Devahive, who has over a decade of experience in Michelin starred restaurants, their Mediterranean fare and elevated homestyle cooking, amidst a Barcelona-style setting, comes highly recommended. That said, so does their creation of the Olivia’s Creamy Homemade Cheesecake ($14/slice, from $80/whole cake), which sports the most melty, molten centre that flows like a dream onto your plate. On top of that, Olivia also uses Valdeon cheese, a blue cheese from Spain, for a savoury hit, and a delicate crust of almond sablé tart shell for texture. Combine that with a beautifully caramelised top, and you’re looking at top-of-its-class indulgence, for sure.

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, whatsapp +65 8296 0740 to pre-order 2 days in advance. Free delivery for orders above $180. 

10. LUMO

Breakfast-style cocktails and an Impossible Meat distillate are just some of the novel ideas on LUMO’s debut menu, thanks to head bartender Josiah Chee. The gastro-bar on Carpenter Street also features an open-concept kitchen run by head chef Martin Wong, which is where, among roasted vegetables and woodfired steaks, we find their burnt cheesecake — this somehow is one of their least surprising finds on the menu, or so we kid. LUMO’s Burnt Cheese Cake ($14/slice, $80/whole cake) is as classic as it gets, complete with the charred sides and slightly sunken centre, though they do pair theirs with pickled red currant and yoghurt cream, where the citrus helps balance the cake’s sweet, sweet sin.

LUMO, whatsapp +65 8921 3818 to order. Islandwide delivery available. Delivery fees — $5 with min. order of $80 ; free for orders above $120.


All images from the respective F&B outlets.
Featured in banner: Cat & the Fiddle, Paparch, Olivia.