CHOMP CHOMP Hawker Centre does Islandwide delivery!

Last week, I was forwarded this e-brochure on WhatsApp:

What’s exciting is that :
— There’s NO MARKUP for any of the food items!

— There’s no minimum order!

I sent a WhatsApp message to the number in the flyer (86996163) just before 6pm on a Saturday night, and was told that the next order slot was at 8pm — I had no issue with that and thought it was fantastic that they could squeeze my order in during dinnertime on a Saturday. 

I had a short chat with Raymond on the other end and found out that he runs WANG BQQ, which serves bbq chicken wings and satay. He started this initiative as a service to the other hawkers, including his own, at Chomp Chomp to keep the orders coming and everyone in business. It’s not compulsory to order from his stall, but he of course encourages it by asking if you would like to add any chicken wings to the order. Once I found out that was his stall, I immediately added 6 pieces to support him and his venture. 

This was my order:
— Char Kway Teow ($3)
— Fried Oyster Omelette, a.k.a. Or Luak ($6)
— Wanton Mee ($4) x 2
— BBQ Chicken Wings ($1.40) x 6

The total came up to : $25.40.

Here’s a comparison of prices from Chomp Chomp on Deliveroo: Click here.

Payment was made by Paynow to the same WhatsApp number, and the cost of delivery is paid directly to the Grab driver who will pick up the food from Raymond at Chomp Chomp and deliver it to your doorstep. (The Grab delivery cost from Chomp Chomp to my place in Upper Paya Lebar Road was $8.) To get an estimation of your own delivery cost, just start a new delivery order in the Grab app from Chomp Chomp to your home address to see how much it is.

Please support Raymond and the Chomp Chomp stalls. I think this is great. Here are the pictures of my food:

Next round I will add Cheng Tng and Sugarcane. 


Menu for ordering:
1) Lok lok (indicate number based on menu eg. 2×1, 7×2, 14×2) 
2) Chicken wing ($1.40)
3) Satay (Chicken/Pork/Mutton/Beef/Rice) ($0.70)
4) Char kuey teow ($3)
5) Sambal Stingray ($12)
6) Sambal sotong/cockles/lala ($10)
7) Stir fried kailan ($6)
8) Sambal kangkong ($8)
9) Add rice ($1)
10) Seafood fried rice ($5)
11) Seafood White Beehoon ($6)
12) Wanton mee ($4)
13) Satay Beehoon ($5)
14) Hainanese beef noodle ($6)
15) Carrot cake (B/W) ($3)
16) Fried Oyster ($5)
17) Fried Oyster Omelette ($6)
18) Rojak ($4)
19) Popiah ($4)
20) Cheng Tng ($3)
21) Sugarcane ($2)
*There is no Hokkien mee as waiting time is too long.
*Due to high volumes, extra customisations might not be met. 
Final amount will be sent to you. To confirm order, PAYNOW 86996163 and send a screenshot to the number. Delivery to be paid in cash to driver.