How You Can Buy Rare Pre-Owned Luxury Goods On ZALORA x Vestiaire Collective

If you’re someone who’s been indoctrinated with the habit of window shopping via browsing on your touchscreen device, then ZALORA — Asia’s leading online fashion destination, shouldn’t be a name foreign to you. Vestiaire Collective, on the other hand, is another digital shopping platform that sits further up the shopping spectrum where those who consume luxury fashion should find familiar.

For the latter, that’s also where many are able to sell their pre-loved luxury goods as well as find elusive authentic must-have pieces from labels like Goyard or rare collaboration pieces such as Hermès x Comme des Garçons.

Goyard does not have an official online shopping site, so your best bet to get your hands on their luxury products might be using Vestiaire Collective. Or simply visit their physical boutiques when retail reopens here.

This latest partnership of theirs is a show of solidarity for both platforms to inspire consumers to be more conscious of their consumption habits, by encouraging them to extend the lifespan of their fashion products (buy and sell, as compared to simply buying more).

With the act of searching out and choosing sustainable fashion gaining popularity in the Asian market, this partnership also presents a valuable opportunity and responsibility for ZALORA to aid in helping the fashion industry take a step forwards towards going green(er), by offering their shoppers easy accessibility to some of the most covetable luxury fashion products at competitive prices.

Clockwise from top left: Hermès Kelly 32 Leather Handbag ($11,219.51)Celine Classic Leather Handbag ($614)CHANEL Cloth Trainers ($717.75)Hermès x Comme des Garçons SILK HANDKERCHIEF ($1,430.72).

So what can you expect? 5,000 of Vestiaire Collective’s expertly authenticated pre-loved luxury goods will be accessible across ZALORA’s website and app starting this week in Hong Kong. With TBA plans to extend to other ZALORA markets in the region — giving the listings on the luxury shopping platform twice the exposure for browsing customers and making them more accessible to a wider audience.

All orders from the luxury listings will also be handled by ZALORA’s efficient and reliable delivery network so you can enjoy your purchases at the earliest convenience.

Here’s how you will be able to browse Vestiaire Collective’s luxury goods listings on ZALORA.

With as yet unannounced news on when ZALORA Singapore will be included in this partnership, you can still check out Vestiaire Collective’s listings right now on their own platform and shop there if you wanna know what you’ve been missing. Also, do use the promo code: WELCOMESG, when shopping on Vestiaire Collective’s app, and you’ll enjoy a $30 discount on your purchases.


Download the Zalora app here.
Download the Vestiaire Collective app here.
The cover image featured is courtesy to products from the following listings on Vestiaire Collective available now:
2. Hermès x Comme des Garçons SILK HANDKERCHIEF ($1,430.72)
3. Balenciaga Track Cloth Sneakers ($1,064)
4. Celine Classic Leather Handbag ($614)
5. Hermès Kelly 32 Leather Handbag ($11,219.51)
6. CHANEL Cloth Trainers ($717.75)
7. Gucci Canvas Backpack ($1,595)