SSENSE Up to 50% Discount Menswear Picks from Gucci, Comme des Garçons Play & More

It’s official, luxury and streetwear are now the same thing. Besides sharing a very similar aesthetic (think heavy-duty buckles on belts and bags, or the omnipresence of label names/ logos on nearly every fashion product imaginable), they both also come with quite the heavy price point.

Gucci Beige Original GG Baseball Cap (USD 295)

Which is why we can’t stop emphasising the godsend that is this incredible sale happening over at SSENSE now. Here’s where you can find the latest must-have streetwear pieces up for grabs, with discounts of up to 50% (for a very limited time, if we may add)! We’ve rounded up some of the most covetable women’s streetwear essentials earlier, so this one is for the gents.

Left to right: Doublet Grey Check Embroidery Shirt (USD 412), VETEMENTS Black STAR WARS Edition Movie Poster T-Shirt (USD 313), MISBHV Black & White ‘The Classic Logo Active’ Turtleneck (USD 135).

If you’ve been keeping tabs, then you should already know of the biggest players dominating the wardrobes of the coolest streetwear icons — Vetements, Off-White etc. So we’ve included on this list the sure-to-sell-out pieces from those labels that would make for a nice addition to your curation of luxury streetwear collectables (they’re limited edition pieces, that won’t be restocking).

Clockwise from top left: Off-White Black & White Diag Low Vulcanized Sneakers (USD 240), Y-3 White Ren Sneakers (USD 244), Dr Martens Black Fulmar Derbys (USD 107), Comme des Garçons Play Black Converse Edition Polka Dot Heart Chuck 70 Low Sneakers (USD 160).

But along with all that are some of our old favourites that have been around for some time, and are classics that you shouldn’t do without. These are the ones that aren’t exactly the biggest show-stoppers when it comes to making a bold fashion statement, but practical pieces tastefully designed and made to last. Which is why you’ll also find the familiar pieces from labels like Comme des Garçons Play, Gucci, and Y-3 on our selected picks.

Clockwise from top left: VETEMENTS Black STAR WARS Edition Logo Backpack (USD 614), VETEMENTS Black Monsters iPhone XS Case (USD 164), Gucci Black GG Belt (USD 380), Off-White Black & White Arrows Socks (USD 64).

Maybe you might already own some of these, but if like us, you’ve worn them on a near-daily basis, then perhaps it’s time you get a fresh replacement. With these discounts, it’s hard to make a case not to. Also, Father’s Day is just around the corner, so why not be ahead of gifting the important gent in your life something nice by shopping over on SSENSE now?


The products featured in this article are now available on SSENSE.