Zouk Has Three New Local-Inspired Bottled Cocktails, Including An Alcoholic Bubble Tea

Anyone who has lived in Singapore during their teen years knows that Zouk is a quintessential Singaporean clubbing experience. Whether you partied at their original location on Jiak Kim Road or you’ve only been able to visit the Clarke Quay location after their big move, you’ve probably enjoyed a drink or two at the nightclub.

Paying homage to iconic local drinks, Zouk’s mixologists have come up with three new bottled cocktails — Milo Gao, Asam Guava and Teh Peng. Sound familiar? Yes, these are all drinks we’re used to ordering at our local coffee shops, but you certainly wouldn’t want to sip on these on the way to work.

A local, chocolatey rendition of Irish Coffee, Milo Gao has the familiar, creamy blend of chocolate and malt, but with just enough scotch whiskey for an alcoholic upgrade. This is one childhood favourite you probably still gravitate towards, and we definitely welcome this boozy version.

If you’ve been to Zouk but have yet to try their sour plum concoction, you’ve really been missing out. While it’s not exactly the same drink, we imagine that the Asam Guava will be just as strong and just as refreshing. A liquid variation of the classic guava and asam (plum) powder combination, this vodka-based infusion has resulted in a sweet and savoury beverage. It even comes with a separate sachet of asam powder, which can be mixed into the drink or used to line the rim of your glass, if you’re feeling fancy.

Lastly, we have Teh Peng, but this isn’t your ordinary cup of tea. With a red tea base mixed with milk and vodka, the drink isn’t complete without the addition of brown sugar boba pearls and brown sugar syrup. That’s right, the Zouk mixologists have presented us with an alcoholic bubble tea that’ll probably have us begging for more. Don’t worry if you’re not a boba lover — the pearls and syrup are packed separately, so you can still enjoy your drink in its (somewhat) traditional form.

Zouk’s bottled cocktails are made fresh-to-order, coming in 500ml bottles at $60 per bottle. Each bottle serves four, with a recommended consumption of within three days from purchase. Bottled cocktails are available for delivery, self-pickup and takeaway from RedTail via ZoukSHOP. The bottled cocktails are also available on Lazada via Zouk Singapore’s LazMall store. From 11 – 17 June, enjoy a 20% pre-sale discount, followed by a 10% discount from 18 – 25 June.

Milo Gao, Asam Guava and Teh Peng Bottled Cocktails ($60 each) are available at ZoukSHOP and LazMall.