Apple Unveils The Bubble Tea Emoji And More on World Emoji Day

Since the birth of emojis, we’re all no strangers to using them in order to express how we feel, without the need for words. From text messages to IG captions and even our work email correspondences, emoji and all its cute variations have snuck in as our go-to way of communication.

To celebrate World Emoji Day on 17 July, Apple is giving users a sneak peek at the new emojis that will be available this Fall, with the upcoming iOS 14 update.

Here’s a look at the emojis that you can expect to use when you update your iOS.

A Bubble Tea emoji to better express your BT cravings. (Image courtesy of Apple)

From left to right:
1. Pinched Hand Emoji
2. Anatomical Heart Emoji
3. Lungs Emoji
4. Ninja Emoji
5. Boomerang Emoji
6. Beaver Emoji
7. Tamale Emoji
8. Dodo Emoji
9. Nesting Dolls Emoji
10. Coin Emoji
11. Piñata Emoji
12. Transgender Symbol Emoji

In addition to their new Emoji additions, Apple’s Memoji will also see an update in iOS 14 with more customisation options that will allow you to express yourself better. The revamped facial and muscle structure will make your Memoji and Memoji stickers even more expressive, giving you more ways to accurately send and express a range of emotions in your messages.

The new Memoji customisation options will include:


There will be a total of 11 hairstyles including the bowl cut, fades, waves and faux hawk that are seen here.


You can customise the Memoji with new face coverings including the colour to match your look.


Show off your style, hobby, or profession with 19 new headwear styles including a durag, tichel, cyclist helmet, nurse cap, or swim cap.

There will also be three new additional expressive Memoji stickers which will come in the form of a fist bump, blush, and open hands.

The Apple iOS 14 will be available as a free software update in the later part of this year. If you’re interested to test a beta version of iOS 14, you can sign up here.



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Banner image courtesy of Apple and Vecteezy.