Studio MU YU Pays Homage To Nostalgic Singapore Icons With Earrings & DIY Craft Kits

Most of us who grew up in Singapore have distinct memories of various imagery we’d rarely find anywhere else in the world. Celebrating nostalgic, uniquely Singaporean childhood favourites, Studio MU YU has launched the MASAK-MASAK collection. Referencing play-cooking, the collection is intended to be a reflection of the importance of having fun, even in adulthood, and to continue to develop and nurture our imaginations, just as we did as children.

With four earring collections, aptly named Breakfast, Dessert, High-Tea and Supper, we see local food favourites like kaya toast, pandan cake, roti prata and even potong ice cream transformed into adorable accessories.

Embrace the taste of childhood with miniature selections from your local coffeeshop like boiled eggs, kopi and even a tiny plate of curry to go with a matching prata earring.

More colourful earring variants are also available across the High-Tea and Dessert selections, with 4 colourful potong ice creams to channel your favourite flavours, and various kuehs and a cup of teh to go along with you on your coffee dates.

Apart from earrings, MASAK-MASAK also has 2 DIY kits, the first being a wooden jewellery stand inspired by the iconic bamboo laundry poles seen at HDB buildings islandwide, perfect to hold your food-inspired jewellery.

MASAK-MASAK DIY Jewellery Holder

If potong ice cream-inspired earrings weren’t enough to satisfy your taste, how about a book stand alternative? Keep your favourite books in place with this kitschy prop, and play around with your favourite colours to create the ice cream bar of your dreams.



The earrings in Studio MU YU‘s MASAK-MASAK collection are now available at, from $16 per individual pair, or at $65 for a set of 4. DIY craft kits will be launched 17 August, 8PM, also at Prices TBA.