The All-New Dyson Digital Slim is Dyson’s Smallest, Slimmest and Lightest Vacuum Cleaner Ever, and Designed for Asian Households

It was just two months ago that Dyson launched a new vacuum cleaner: the V8 Slim Fluffy+. At $599, it is Dyson’s most affordable machine, and I suppose can be considered their “entry-level” model. This week, Dyson makes a surprise announcement with the all-new Dyson Digital Slim — the brand’s first design with Asian households in mind. It’s shorter, slimmer and lighter, which makes it easier to use in smaller-sized homes — especially for ones with hard floors that many Asian homes have, and it’s more comfortable for users with smaller frames. It’s priced at $749 for the “Extra” model (seen below), and $849 for the “Pro” model, the difference being the accessories they come with.

Here’s everything in the Extra box:

Above: The Digital Slim Fluffy Extra set comes with the main soft roller cleaner head, mini motorhead, light pipe crevice tool, up top adaptor, extension hose, reach under tool, mattress tool and wand clip.

The main body of the cleaner is made from a single piece of material, so it removes the need for seals, fixings and screws, and this makes the weight of the machine a lot lighter. It is 20% smaller, 30% lighter, and all this with no loss of suction power. This is a completely new motor and redesign of the body with a ceramic shaft.

The trigger is very comfortable to access and use. It feels natural in the hand and has smooth ergonomic curves.

As for the stick, it is 15% shorter, while the cleaner head is 40% smaller and 40% lighter.

Like all Dyson vacuum cleaners, the snap-in heads are extremely convenient and practical, and can be used across all current Dyson vacuum models. 

Similar to last year’s high-end V11 Absolute (priced at $1,099), the Digital Slim has an LCD that displays mode (Eco, Med and Boost), and the time remaining on each of them. This is especially useful when in the powerful Boost mode.

With this new design, Dyson has also reduced the number of battery cells from 7 to 5 to keep the machine lightweight. But there’s reduced energy consumption as well, so you can still get up to 40 minutes of run time — and for the first time in a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the battery is removable so you can purchase a second battery to use the machine for longer at one sitting.

Washable parts include the tools, the filter and even the main body. Just be sure to let the filter completely dry before fitting it back, so it doesn’t breed bacteria and start smelling.

Dyson’s philosophy has always been not to compromise the quality of its products — and in the case of the new Dyson Digital Slim, it may be compact, but it’s still powerful; the suction power is comparable to the more expensive models. If you’re looking for a machine that works well, has all the bells and whistles of different attachment heads and an LCD screen, this is the one to buy. This could possibly be the ideal vacuum for our flats in Singapore.


The Dyson Digital Slim vacuum is available from 27 August 2020, priced at $749 for the fluffy extra and $849 for the fluffy pro, at WWW.DYSON.COM.SG and Dyson Demo stores at Dyson Service Centre & Demo Store – Capitol Singapore, Dyson Demo Zone – Westgate. Additional battery and charger are available to buy separately on the Dyson website.