A Korean Designer Came Up With An ‘Among Us’-Inspired Lamp + Digital Clock And USBs

With the hype around online multiplayer game, Among Us, you know it’s about time someone designed accessories starring the adorable astronaut characters, last seen in electrical doing tasks on board a spaceship. That someone is Korean designer Kim Min Soo, who has imagined an Among Us bedside lamp + digital clock that showcases the simple character design with a brilliant hidden twist. Someone call the emergency button! You’ll see what we mean below. No imposter lying here — it’s so cute, we’re immediately sus.

While at first a desktop clock, with the astronaut visor now a digital display, you can lift its top portion to unveil a glowing night light underneath — this is shaped like a single protruding bone out of the character’s waist, just like in the game! Now, we’re not saying you’ll suddenly get imposter vision, but the lamp gives just enough light for you to do some nearby tasks.

On top of that, Kim has also created a series of USB Flash Drives that ingeniously sees the USB connector as the ‘bone’ portion of the astronaut — in shades of red, green, and yellow.

And I know, the first thing you’re about to ask is: Where? Not sus at all. This series is, at the moment, just a conceptual product and will not be retailing anywhere that we know — we’ll be crossing our fingers though!


Images, by designer Kim Min Soo.