LEVI’S® x POKÉMON is very 90s and includes a Pikachu denim trucker

Levi’s® x Pokémon is a colourful, 90s-inspired collection that celebrates Pokémon’s 25th anniversary this year. There’s so much 90s nostalgia here, from the Levi’s denim silhouettes to all the characters from the popular animated series. If you grew up in that decade, there’s so much to recognise and identify with.



For fans of Gym Leader Misty, there’s the Levi’s® Misty Short and Misty Tank, an homage to the iconic outfit she wears in the series.

Above: Misty’s Tank Togepi Pastel Yellow, $39.90 / Misty’s Short Pokémon Cerulean Blue, $119.90

There’s a range of graphic tops with throwback character art from Pokémon’s first season, featuring Pikachu and other characters that you can play “Who’s that Pokémon?” with your friends.

Above: (left) Pokémon Unisex Crew Pokémon Dance Party White +, $119.90 / (right) Women’s Pokémon Tee Sleeping Pikachu Caviar, $39.90

Accessories to collect include a trucker hat (so you can look like Ash), a floral-print gym bag, clip-on pouches, a Poké Ball crossbody bag, and a Pikachu beanie (of course).

Above: (left) Pokémon Beanie, $49.90 + Pokémon Unisex Tee Sleeping Pikachu White+, $49.90 / (right) Pokémon Unisex Crew Happy Pikachu Caviar, $119.90 + Pokémon Poké Ball CrossBody, $39.90

Above: Pokémon Clip-on Pouches, $29.90 each / Pokémon Gym Bag, $39.90

Above: (left) Pokémon Trucker Hat, $49.90 / (right) Pokémon Beanie, $49.90

The hero of the collection has to be the 90s style Vintage Fit Trucker Jacket, with oversized embroidered Pikachu and lightning bolt patches. If you’re going to catch something from this collection, make it this jacket.

Above: (left) Pokémon Unisex Tee Sleeping Pikachu White+, $49.90 / (right) Vintage Fit Trucker Pokémon Stone Trucker, $169.90 (*Bottoms not available in Singapore😞)


The Levi’s® x Pokémon collection will be available in Singapore on WWW.LEVI.COM.SG and in Levi’s® stores from 18 February 2021.