Review: An electric height-adjustable desk for kids — Minidesk by Omnidesk

Omnidesk has been appearing on my Facebook newsfeed for weeks now, and it’s been piquing my interest about standing desks. I used to think that standing desks were unnecessary and gimmicky at best, but the surge in demand for height-adjustable work desks has completely shot up since COVID came into our lives. There’s an increased focus on ergonomic and “healthier” furniture, and Omnidesk appears to be one of the brands doing well in this space.

I’ll admit, I’d love an Omnidesk for myself (who wouldn’t?), but space at home is a real constraint (those desks are rather sizeable). But while I carve out a small corner of my room to work, I can’t expect the same for my kids when they have home-based learning. Growing children need a practical study station; one that is functional, comfortable and provides them room to grow; and that’s where Omnidesk’s new line for kids comes in — Minidesk.

The concept behind Minidesk is straightforward: it’s an electric height-adjustable table for kids. Its height from the floor can be set from 54cm to 110cm — ideal for both sitting and standing for children of all ages.

Above: minidesk in white.


The first consideration every parent will make with this table, is that the edges are smooth (no sharp corners!), and the surface is easy to clean. The pen mark scribblings made by my five-year-old were easily rubbed off with a “magic” melamine sponge.

Above: Cleaning the table is easy with soap and water. And for stubborn marks, use a melamine sponge.

Also, all parents will appreciate that the table top’s material is non toxic (it’s free of formaldehyde, VOC, toxins and odours). The premium powder-coated MDF top comes in three colours: white, pink and blue.

Adjusting the height of the table was easily done by my 10-year-old; it’s just a matter of touching the up and down arrows on the LED screen. You can also set and save three height levels, which ended up being a really convenient function for my two kids of different heights. I set a “homework” height for my 10-year-old, a “play” height for my five-year-old, and a standing height for both of them to use together. I like that the LED screen automatically dims after 10 seconds of being idle; this saves electricity and stops it from being a distraction to the kids. The screen can also be locked to prevent younger children from “playing”with it.

Above: the led screen is sleek and discreet — just like the rest of minidesk.

Apart from being height-adjustable, the table itself is extremely sturdy; it feels solid and stable. Minidesk also has safety functions built in; what they call, a child-safe anti-collision system. When the height is being adjusted, it will sense anything above or below it so it will automatically stop moving.

Above: the anti-collision system stops the height from being adjusted when it senses something in the way, like a child sitting under the table. photo courtesy minidesk.

I asked my 10-year-old for feedback on the table, and she said that it’s great; that it’s the perfect height for her (well yes, since it’s adjustable!), and comfortable to do her homework on.

There’s also a study chair that you can get as a bundle with the desk; it’s called the Melody Kids Ergonomic Chair. I found the chair rather bulky, but the bulk adds to its stability. It doesn’t roll around easily when someone is sitting in it, and the seat and back are fitted with firm cushions that provide comfort and support. My kid said that this was the best chair she’s ever sat in for studying, but of course this is a huge step up from the hard wood dining table chairs she was previously using.

Above: the MELODY kids ergonomic chair.


A quick Google on study desks will bring up tons of options at all price points, but if you want one that is height-adjustable, your options are suddenly limited. Almost all the height-adjustable ones have to be adjusted manually by turning a crank, which may not be a bad thing since kids won’t find it as appealing to play with. But I notice that these desks are also very fancy. And by fancy, I mean messy looking. Many of them are fitted with shelves, built-in drawer pockets that you can knock your knee on, hooks for school bags and other bells and whistles. I’d much rather a clean table that fits in with my minimalist decor, that I can add on (or take away) organisers — which is why I actually really like Minidesk.

Above: minidesk and melody chair set.

Choosing a study desk just comes down to budget, personal preference and needs. No one really needs a height-adjustable desk for their kids, but every parent wants one. No doubt it can serve your kid over the growing years and your kid will never have to uncomfortably bend over a table that’s too low.


At $689 (a current promotional price, down from $909), Minidesk is a decent option. It’s a good quality product and you get a warranty for up to seven years. Many other height-adjustable desks are priced well over $1,000 and have manual adjustment. Or you could look to Ikea and get a basic table top with four legs — all made of particle board — for around $100. I’d recommend investing in a Minidesk for the years to come. And get the white, it’ll be easier to match and live with whenever your decor and aesthetics change.

Minidesk is priced at $689 (U.P. $909) standalone, or $839 as a bundle with the melody kids ergonomic chair.  available at MINIDESK.SG.