The instax mini 40 — Fujifilm’s newest instant camera

The instax mini 40 joins the lineup of the Fujifilm instant cameras that use the mini-format film. This newest addition has a classic camera design with a premium texture, and features the popular “Automatic Exposure” function that was originally introduced in the instax mini 11 that was launched in May 2020. This function automatically adjusts and optimises the camera’s shutter speed, flash output and other settings to create the “ideal” photo in a lighting situation. There’s also a “Selfie mode”, which when activated, pulls out the front edge of the camera’s lens for close-up shots.

Alongside the launch of this new instant camera, Fujifilm introduces the “CONTACT SHEET” mini-format instax film that has orange text on a black frame, a design that simulates a “contact sheet” (a bromide sheet printed with photos taken in films), and beautifully complements the mini 40.

The instax mini 40 instant camera, $169 (combo kit that includes 2 packs of assorted mini-format film) / instax mini contact sheet film, $15.50. Launching April 21, 2021.