IKEA’s LOKALT Collection Presents Homeware By Young Designers From Amman, Delhi & Bangkok

As a brand that constantly invokes creativity in many ways, IKEA is set to launch their brand new LOKALT collection on 3 June, which brings together local traditions and cultures with the help of four young contemporary designers — fashion designer Tania Haddad from Amman, IKEA in-house designer Akanksha Deo based in Delhi, and design duo Ploypan Theerachai and Decha Archjananun of THINKK design studio from Bangkok.

LOKLAT Collection designers (from left to right) Tania Haddad from Amman, Akanksha Deo based in Delhi, and design duo Ploypan Theerachai and Decha Archjananun from Bangkok.

The collection comprises of textile, decor, and ceramic home items which tell the stories from the places where they are made and showcases the culture from which they are inspired.

You will get to see the inspiration and interpretation of Amman’s beautiful cityscape, traditional Indian Kantha embroidery, as well as a tribute to the Thai culture of sharing meals, in each item handmade by skilled artisans and produced by social businesses in Jordan, Thailand, and India.

IKEA LOKALT Collection launching 3 June 2021.

The collaboration doesn’t just provide a platform for the designers to share various cultures but also provide work opportunities in their local regions where it’s most needed.

Here’s a closer look at the pieces from the LOKALT collection.

Tania Haddad, Amman

Tania describes Amman as a beautiful and charming city that can get slightly chaotic with all the people, colourful cars, small alleyways, and the rooftops that double as living rooms. To capture her vision of a ‘beautiful chaos’, her pieces feature intricate hand-embroidered details that showcase glimpses of everyday life in Amman.

Akanksha Deo, Delhi

Inspired by the local practices of her culture in Delhi, Akanksha looked for similarities to other cultures and transformed her findings into patterns and forms that are playful, figurative, and modern.

The results of her inspiration are sustainable and durable handwoven wool rugs, as well as baskets and lampshades which have been hand-braided by women artisans using banana bark.

Ploypan Theerachai and Decha Archjananun (THINKK design studio), Bangkok

Taking inspiration from the integral Thai culture of sharing meals and the rich Thai history of ceramic artefacts, the design duo’s kitchenware has infused contemporary aesthetics to showcase their version of traditional culture in everyday life.

If you look closely, you will notice that the handcrafted pieces feature two handles on the sides to reflect the customary Thai tradition of offering or accepting something with both hands as a sign of respect.



The LOKALT limited collection will be available for purchase in-store at IKEA Tampines and online from 3 June 2021, while stocks last. More information will be available on 3 June here.

All images courtesy of IKEA.