Review: Danish Pastry Cafe Leckerbaer Has A New Flagship Outlet At Keong Saik

For fans of Copenhagen-based confectionery Leckerbaer and their dainty, bite-sized desserts, things are about to get more quaint. Their popular Danish butter cookies, or småkagers, can now be found in a serene shophouse space at Keong Saik, their second outlet since the first one at Orchard.

You won’t be needing to book a flight to Denmark for a cosy hygge experience. The new locale, and the official flagship outlet, is every bit as Scandinavian-inspired as you’d imagine — think, light wood furniture and white walls, rattan chairs, and a minimalist setting that lets their bakes stand out. It also boasts a more spacious interior compared to the first outlet, which lets in lots of natural light within the charming space, making it a haven for teatime catch-ups and afternoon breaks.

At Keong Saik, we were also privy to Leckerbaer’s new festive flavours, along with a menu of small bakes and open-faced sandwiches. Ahead, we look at some of the menu highlights.


To keep things fresh, Leckerbaer constantly updates their menu of desserts so we’ll never get bored; this current rotation takes us through classic festive flavours, made to be every bit a feast for the eyes as well. Eight new småkagers are now available, and in general, these blend together chocolate, seasonal mint and cinnamon, and plenty of bright, fruity flavours that bring a dreamy balance to the pastries.

A spice cake-inspired Chocolate consists of a brownie base that contrasts nicely against the more tart flavours of calamansi and blackcurrant, while Passionfruit is an almond financier piped with blackberry and passionfruit curd, complete with a meringue flower on the top. Also enjoyable was Hazelnut, where the fragrant cinnamon cake certainly came through, while the bite-sized piece comes decorated with piped lemon meringue and chocolate shards.

Left: Chocolate, Vanilla, Passionfruit, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Tart, Almond & Cherry.

Leckerbaer’s hand-crafted butter cookies deserve a mention too, and these aren’t plain at all — Milk presents two chocolate cookies that surround a layer of mint buttercream, then dusted with red berry powder, while Ruby Chocolate is dipped in a pink glaze with cherry jam in the centre of its ringed shape.

Elsewhere, a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Tart ($8.50) goes big on cocoa with a chocolate shell, dense chocolate brownie, and a delicate dark chocolate hazelnut namelaka that’s sure to delight chocolate lovers; still, a layer of cherry curd cuts through the flavour, ensuring you still enjoy each subsequent bite.

Each småkager is priced at $2.80 per piece, or available in boxes, starting from $22 for 8 pieces. As part of the festive season, you may also indulge in two Christmas Sets ($34 each) that either pair eight småkagers and two beverages of choice, or two small bakes, four småkagers and two beverages of choice.


With a more spacious setting, and more time to savour a cup of tea or two, Leckerbaer is introducing flagship-exclusive open-faced sourdough sandwiches as well. Classic with a twist, the Smoked Salmon and Onsen Egg ($21) combines strips of smoked Norwegian salmon, zucchini, pickled onions and peppery mizuna on cream cheese, which is then topped with a suitably runny onsen egg on top. Its flavours are bound to be well-loved, all smokey, hearty and comforting at once.

Left: Crab & Avocado Salsa ($20). Right: Smoked Salmon and Onsen Egg ($21).

For one that’s fresher on the palate, go for the Crab & Avocado Salsa ($20), their version of the millennial-favourite avocado toast. Still, this one’s more hearty than most, and is topped with generous shreds of Jonah crab meat atop a creamy avocado salsa that has hints of spice and citrus notes.


leckerbaer keong saik
    • LOCATION: 14 keong saik road
    • OPENING HOURS: open daily. 10AM – 10PM (mon – THURS) ; till 11.30pm (Fri & sat) ; 12pm onwards (Sat & Sun)
    • TEL: 6223-3053