The Casio BABY-G BGA-310 series, in 6 colours and a familiar round face that lights up in the dark

Casio announces a new BABY-G line of shock-resistant watches for women — the BGA-310 series, which includes six designs in various colours suited for outdoor fashion and active women.

Above: The Casio BABY-G BGA-310 in Navy, Pale blue, Coral pink, and Cotton Beige.

Above: The Casio BABY-G BGA-310 in black and white.

The watches come in matte coral pink, cotton beige, navy, pale blue, white, and black, and feature the familiar round case that incorporates four outsized index markings that glow in the dark.

Above: a high-intensity double led light illuminates the lcd and dial.

There’s also a high-intensity double LED light that illuminates the LCD and dial so you can check the time easily in dark locations. The light turns on by pressing the easy-access light button under the 6 o’clock position, and you can choose to go hands-free with an auto-light function as well. When this function is activated, just tilt the wrist and the lights turn on.

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Three of the BGA-310C models are matched with a cloth band in eco-friendly fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, and there’s now a wider range of motion at the lug where the band connects so it’s more comfortable than ever when on the wrist.

Above: The Casio BABY-G BGA-310 in coral pink.

Above: The Casio BABY-G BGA-310 in pale blue.

Above: The Casio BABY-G BGA-310 in black.

Above: The Casio BABY-G BGA-310 in white.


The new BABY-G BGA-310 Series will be available in 4 colours: Coral pink ($179), Cotton Beige ($179), Navy ($199), and Pale blue ($199) at, and in all G-SHOCK stores in April 2022. The other 2 colours, Black ($199) and White ($179) will be available in May 2022.