G-SHOCK goes Iridescent with 5 new watch face designs

G-SHOCK announces the new Iridescent series — the first G-SHOCK series to feature the rainbow vapour deposition process on the watch face. The result is a watch face that creates various shades of colour as it reflects light, which brings to mind the visual colours of the midsummer dusk.

Above from left to right: GA-110SR-1ADR ($229) / GA-2100SR-1ADR ($189) / DW-5600SR-1DR ($179) / GA-2100SRS-7ADR ($199) / DW-5600SRS-7DR ($189)

There are five models each with its own distinctive look. These include three base models: the standard square case DW-5600, the octagon bezel GA-2100, and the large size case GA-110. All the faces are equipped with lighted digital displays that provide a clear view in low light conditions, and they are shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 200 metres. Other standard functions include a stopwatch and countdown timer function.

See all the pics below. [Click on the images to enlarge.]


The g-shock Iridescent Series comes in five designs and two colourways (black and transparent), and will be available at WWW.GSHOCK.CASIO.COM/SG and in all G-SHOCK stores in July 2022.