Mighty Jaxx Launches A Vecna Vinyl Toy, Part Of Their ‘Stranger Things 4’ Collection

What better news to wake up to than this. Singapore-based designer toy company Mighty Jaxx, known for their anatomical dissections series with artist Jason Freeny, have just announced an upcoming new collection for pop culture phenomenon and Netflix series, Stranger Things 4. Perfect if your current FYP’s flooded with Stranger Things content — we feel ya.

The first drop in the series will be launching 9 July, and is an 8″ vinyl art toy of Vecna, the Upside Down’s most menacing baddie this season, complete with stunning details that capture the creepy lore of the character. We’ll try not to spoil too much of the “much darker” season while talking about this, but you’ve been warned. 

Mighty Jaxx’s interpretation of Vecna sees a detachable 5″ figure sculpted to resemble his wet and squelchy skin, in a stance that shows he’s ready to prey on his next victim. One arm is extended, as a reference to Vecna’s striking pose, while hardcore fans would appreciate the secret detail hidden on his wrist.

The figure stands on a 3″ set base rife with other finer details, such as the grandfather clock and door frame from the Creel House, and intertwined vines that depict the hive mind of the Upside Down.

Once again, this is only the first of a Stranger Things 4 collection, with more releases that will be released later this year. If you’ve been absolutely possessed by Vecna’s deliciously evil growl though, come 9 July, don’t walk — run.


The Vecna Series 4 collectible, $159, part of the Mighty Jaxx x Stranger Things 4 collection. Available on MightyJaxx.com from 9 July 2022.