Kou Teppan by Executive Chef Sawada Ko from Itoh Dining by Nobu serves up a premium 8 course Omakase teppanyaki at just $88

Singaporeans love Japanese food, and that includes teppanyaki; food cooked on a metal plate in front of us. Sure, we’ll come out smelling like the kitchen, but for all its deliciousness, it’s worth it. Kou Teppan located at the basement of Great World City opens this Monday 24 July, and is helmed by Executive Chef Sawada Ko from Itoh Dining by Nobu.

Above: Executive Chef Sawada Ko.

There are just two menus to choose from: an Omakase lunch (6 courses at $58) or dinner (8 courses at $88). These are surprising prices for an Omakase meal prepared with premium ingredients and by a renowned Japanese chef. There are a few options like adding the “Lobster and Japanese Oyster Served with a Housemade Red Pepper Sauce” for an additional $40, or include a wine and sake pairing at $48, or a three sake sampler at an affordable $15; but if you don’t do any of these upgrades, the Omakase is really a good deal meal.

Here are the highlights from the dinner set.

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The highlight of the meal has to be the A5 Wagyu beef. It’s around 80g per person, which was almost too much for me considering the many other courses of the Omakase meal. It was beautifully complemented with sides that include sea salt, garlic chips, fresh onion and a housemade wasabi sauce. For this dish, the chef knew to keep the flavours simple and let the quality of the meat speak for itself. Considering the price of dinner (at $88), you’ll get good value for good teppanyaki, and you’ll likely be telling your friends about this new discovery where you’ll go back together with them for more.

Above: The beef on the hot plate, being prepared by chef.
Kou Teppan is located at Great World B1-134, 1 Kim Seng Promenade. Call 62351634 for reservations.