The New INSTAX Pal™ Is A Fun-Sized Instant Camera That Fits Into Your Palm

Cute, fun-sized, and nailing that trendy Y2K aesthetic, the INSTAX Pal™ is the newest member of Fujifilm’s INSTAX series, and very younger sibling-coded. This is a round, palm-top sized camera that allows users, both young and old, to take photos anytime and anywhere, and will be available from October in five poppin’ colours.

We’d consider it more a digital model though as it’s “instant” only in how it prioritises quick snaps that capture the moment; the reality of a camera this small is that, to make the brand’s INSTAX mini credit card-sized prints, it needs to be paired with a printer. The INSTAX Pal, therefore, is sold in a bundle that includes the INSTAX mini Link 2 smartphone printer.

That said, this allows more flexibility when it comes to shooting, and definitely accounts for its convenient size. Each unit is equipped with a wide-angle lens and a multifunction ring accessory that can be used as either a viewfinder or camera stand.

You may photograph in Standard mode by pressing the shutter button on the rear panel; a Remote mode that connects the camera to a smartphone and dedicated app via Bluetooth; and Interval mode, which takes photos continuously at a three-second interval. Users can also opt between mini, SQUARE and WIDE formats when taking pictures, for greater versatility when capturing key moments.


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The Fujifilm INSTAX Pal™, available from 17 Oct 2023 onwards. Price TBC, in White, Green, Pink, Blue and Black. More information at