Andrea Bergart Gets Ballsy With Her Latest Launch

Sports and fashion have come together in the form of collaborations before (Nike X Off White) and of course, under the Athleisure trend, where people trade in their jeans and chinos for track pants or tights.
But now, a product that truly embodies both sports and fashion has been born – bags made from real sports balls.

Andrea Bergart’s Baby Blue Basketball Bag

The brainchild of artist, Andrea Bergart, these unique bags are made to order and come in the shape of volleyballs, basketballs, or even egg-shaped footballs. Bergart combined her love for sports with her training in fine arts to create a fashion product that fits perfectly with the quirkiness of street style and the sportiness of athleisure.
The Basketball Bag is Bergart’s first wearable art piece. Her previous pieces of work were focused on paintings and murals (on walls, the floor, and cement trucks) – more of display pieces than functional and wearable ones.
Other than for practical purposes, Bergart wants to use her Basketball Bags to show the world that women are competent in both the art and sports scene. In conjunction with the launch of the bags, Bergart also started a YouTube channel, “Call Your Ball Friends” (or CYBF), where female artists meet at a basketball court to share about their art pieces, sports, and their inspirations. When you think about it, the jocks and the artsy-fartsy people from school don’t usually mingle but Bergart has created a product that not only brings these groups together, but also thrown a fashion trend into the mix.
Andrea Bergart’s Basketball Bag

The combination of the gold and silver hardware with black leather straps create a more refined and luxurious look for these sporty and ‘rugged’ bags. Of course, these customised bags don’t come cheap but since they are made to withstand the most powerful throws, kicks, slams and dunks, these bags are sure to last you a lifetime (or, as long as the athleisure trend lasts)
Cover image: Los Angeles Times
Images from: Andrea Bergart