Why The World’s First Angry Birds Theme Park Is The Best Adult Vacation

We know what you might be thinking: is this legit?

It’s been ten years since Angry Birds had us trying to help birds save an egg from the green pigs. So, sure, 2019 is the perfect time for a full-on themed park. Meet Angry Birds World.

angry birds theme park
Angry Birds Themed Entertainment Park Opens in Doha

From the eccentric interactive experience to the over-the-top rides (a little birdie told us the Super Slingshot ride catapults guest more than 60 metres into the air!), this Angry Birds World theme park in Doha, Qatar is where you can leave all your responsibilities behind and discover your happy place.


Like any good amusement park, Angry Birds World has plenty of rides in its nest. There’s a Raft Battle, which takes its visitors on a voyage from the Bird Island to the Piggy Island. Other notable highlights? Get a glimpse of their karting track and multi-level creative playground where visitors can also indulge in a laser tag battle.

Every aspect of the place is an ode to Angry Birds, including their F&B outlets with an exclusive Angry Birds themed menu.  When you’re in the nest, you’re in a retreat. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Written by Sinead Lee.

For more information, visit Angrybirdsworld.qa