These Interior Micro-Trends Are Your Aesthetic Goals Come To Life

We’ll be real with you. There are two types of people in the world of interior micro-trends: people who bookmark hundreds of decor inspiration, and those who… don’t. So yes, we might be the former with a penchant for quintessentially millennial home decor accessories.

And, since sharing is caring, we’ve gathered some of our favourite iterations to incorporate these interior micro-trends into your space. Here’s how to get the look.

Framed Plants


If we had to sum up millinieal decor in two words for you, we would opt for: framed plants. From Instagrammable cafes to highly aesthetic spaces, botanical frames always seem to be trending, but instead of pinching pennies to save up for that custom piece from that bougie store, get creative with an easy DIY session. High SES lifestyle, I don’t know her.

Mad For Matte


With the global phenomenon known as Marie Kondo, minimalism was the lesson learned. We think this pared-back approach towards interior design comes in the form of matte. We’re talking mirrors outfitted in matte frames, matte black chairs, matte candle holders perched on top of glossy magazines.  Swanky quarters? Yes, please.

All Things Celestial


The word ‘celestial’ should be seducing enough. While chatter about the moon, crystals and astrology have many skeptics rolling their eyes, these mystical elements elevate often overlooked accents such as lamps and even something as simple as bookends. If you’re still a skeptic, then darling, we can’t help you, because we’re hooked. Completely hooked.