Taylor Swift Launches an Actual Cardigan Accompanying Her Latest Single “Cardigan”

Taylor Swift’s latest studio album, titled folklore, was released last week and features a surprising indie folk, alternative rock, chamber pop sound new to the singer. In fact, the album’s concept was described by Swift herself in a tweet, as “life of inner forest witch”, while there’s also a string of promotional merchandise accompanying the singles. Immersive world-building or smart marketing? You tell us.

Still, none have gotten as many tongues wagging than an actual cardigan for Swift’s latest hit befittingly named “Cardigan.”

Above: TAYLOR SWIFT’S TWEET on the album’s mood.

This exclusive Taylor Swift cardigan comes in a social media-friendly shade of oatmeal and features a cable knit silhouette with a chest patch bearing the album title. Silver stars embroidered on the cardigan sleeves’ elbows adds a uniquely discerning aesthetic touch to the overall merchandise.

Above: Taylor Swift’s official The “Cardigan” + digital standard album (USD 49).

So if you’re one who’s been following the latest cottagecore trend (that even David Beckham is reportedly a fan of) taking over social media and beyond, then consider adding this warm and comfy piece to your wardrobe to elevate your hygge vibes.




The Taylor Swift Official The “Cardigan” (USD 49) is now available online.
Taylor Swift’s latest album Folklore is now available to stream on Spotify.
The photos featured in this article is courtesy Taylor Swift.