This Personal Face Shield Provides 360 Protection from Airborne Diseases When Travelling

Toronto-based electronics start-up VYZR Technology is launching one of the most comprehensive Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) we’ve seen yet — the hazmat helmet-like BioVYZR!

The BioVYZR (pronounced “Bio Visor”) is a professional consumer-grade Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), that consists of a sealed anti-fogging face shield with peripheral visibility, a fitted lightweight, weatherproof neoprene vest, and an air purifier that uses N95 filtration technology.

For ventilation, there’s a built-in battery-powered motor fan that pushes air in and out of the BioVYZR via two air vents protected by a disposable N95 filter that removes up to 95% of airborne particles, including allergens, pollutants, and aerosol-transmitted pathogens!

The built-in fan lasts for 12 hours of constant quiet ventilation on a single charge and is rechargeable via a USB port using any compatible power source.

Above: The VYZR Technology BioVYZR (USD 249).

Priced at USD 249, the BioVYZR ships worldwide so you can get your hands on one too! Though they are currently out-of-stock, word has it that they will be restocking again soon online. That means you can pre-order it now on their website and have it shipped to you from 15 August 2020. Oh, and there’s a kids’ version of the BioVYZR too, so you can keep your little ones safe from COVID-19 as well.

Above: A list of features of the BioVYZR.

For the full specifications and details on the BioVYZR, refer to the information below:


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The photos featured in this article is courtesy VYZR Technology.