The Casio G-SHOCK GM-S5600 Features A New Metal Bezel Design For Women

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for gender equality — in its most non-judgmental, empowering form. Men shouldn’t be afraid to put on makeup, it’s okay for women to prefer the oversized faces of men’s watches, and we can all wear suits. Fashion and beauty are getting increasingly more unisex, so when Casio G-SHOCK announced that their new series is made for women, we had to know why.

Turns out, there’s good reason for this release. The latest GM-S5600 models are essentially more feminine versions of the G-SHOCK 5600 series of 2019, known for its metal bezel and the brand’s signature strength, and durability. This time though, we can expect a lightweight case and a more comfortable fit for smaller wrists, as well as four new variations that play on the colours of the metal bezel, out 10 October.


Two of the timepieces come in rose gold bezels, there’s a champagne gold version, and a silver bezel, all of which add a luxe elegance to the classic watch. And you know what, we see the appeal.

The unisex, but slightly more rugged look of the original, takes a new turn with these minimalist pieces, now expertly paired with the right resin band so we get either a nice contrast or some tone-on-tone aesthetic — brushed rose gold metal paired with blush makes for a softer feminine style, for instance, or go for silver against black for a sportier, street-style look. Just look at how these women are pulling them off.

Tiffany Tan (Lovage), Ashley Rita Wong, Cherie Zeng, Kimberly Chan — part of G-SHOCK’s “Dare To Defy” campaign.x

The fashionable watches also feature mineral glass, a clean digital display, and other key G-SHOCK technology that makes the timepiece such an everyday staple, including water resistance up to 200m, shock resistance, and functions such as a stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm.


The G-SHOCK GM-S5600 series, $249 – $269. Available at all G-SHOCK stores from 10 October 2020.