Meet The Finalists In The Running For This Year’s Mr World Singapore

Male pageants aren’t quite what you’d imagine them to be. Sure, there may still be lots of bare skin as the contestants show off their hot bods in swimming trunks, but let’s just say, they’ve got style and substance. At least, that seemed to be the case when we met 14 of the 25 finalists of this year’s Mr World 2022 pageant.

The diverse group of men arrive from all walks of life, each with a meaningful story to tell — and a compelling reason for them to join the competition. It wasn’t just to celebrate their masculinity, some of them shared about wanting to break the mould of a typical pageant contestant, or being a positive role model to people like them.

We’ve got fitness trainers and hospitality professionals alongside an orthopaedics nurse who drags on the side; a marketing manager who had to overcome a stutter; someone who influences Singapore’s healthcare policies, a firefighter, and naval officer; a road accident survivor who currently has over 20 metal implants in his body; and an ex-convict who had spent 11 years of his life in prison.

In fact, the theme for this year’s Mr World Singapore competition is ‘changing lives’, which acknowledges how our lives have changed during the past two years of living through the pandemic. It also looks at one’s resilience, with the hope that “no matter how things change, the courage and strength with which a man approaches and copes with the obstacles in his life”, and search for deeper meaning, still remains his lifelong pursuit. As a result, our contestants are candid about making new friends and gaining confidence, especially in a competition that might reveal their deepest insecurities, even as it spotlights their strengths.

Handpicked from more than 100 potential candidates, organisers Beam Artistes then narrowed the selection down to just 25 finalists in the Class of 2022, who will gather for Coronation Night on 8 September 2022.

During the finale, 4 grand winners will be awarded, which then makes the evening the biggest male pageant night in Singapore’s history. The titles are: Mr World Singapore 2022, Mr World Singapore Senior 2022 (for finalists 30 and above), Mr Grand International Singapore 2022, and Man of the World Singapore 2022.

To further challenge their skills, the contestants are tasked to compete in various performance challenges — either acting, dancing, singing, or mixed martial arts. This involved them being put through a gruelling weekend, and sometimes weekday, schedule where they’re trained by the respective industry professionals, all in anticipation of a grand finale on Coronation Night.

Here are 14 of the 25 contestants, their current professions, as well as some of the stories they’ve shared with us:

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