Coke Is Trying To Get You Drunk



Coke is THE soft drink (sorry Pepsi). Besides being the quintessential quench thirster, however, it’s also a great mixer for alcohols. They certainly have made many house parties worth going to, and have plans to solidify themselves as the best drink in the world. Coca-Cola just announced that they’re releasing an alcoholic beverage in Japan. This followed the popular wave of their canned drink Chu-Hi, aka ShoChu Highball, a soda infused with 5 to 8% of an alcohol called ShoChu.


According to BBC News, Coca-Cola’s alcoholic beverage will be marketed as an alternative to beer, which will have an appeal even to female drinkers. Japan certainly is no stranger to being alternative, from their recent CHANEL GAME CENTER and immersive USJ, we’re sure there’ll be nothing holding us back if we get our hands on one of these fun-inducers.

Otherwise, try out limited-edition Peach Coke at your nearest 7-11 Singapore outlet!