NYLON Singapore Beauty Hit List 2019

Call it what you want, but these days, the lure of a product can come from things like its aesthetic packaging, luxurious texture, scent, and well, the list goes on. In 2018, the world of beauty brought in a full spectrum of new products, of which some may find it tough to filter through what’s good and what’s not — but that’s what we’re here for. With the help of our esteemed panel of judges who pride themselves with years of experience in the beauty industry, we’ve narrowed down some of the best beauty products — from makeup, skincare, hair and fragrance — that’ll give you more bang for your buck. See below to meet our judges and the winning products.


ADELE CHAN: Whether it’s about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, tech (you name it!), NYLON Singapore’s Editor-in-Chief, Adele Chan knows it all. With years of experience in the local media industry, she oversees all digital content creation across platforms at NYLON Singapore. Adele also released the third edition of her book Editing Beauty. In the midst of her hectic schedule, Adele also enjoys being behind the lens and would consider herself a total photophile. Prior to NYLON, she handled Public Relations for Estee Lauder in Singapore.

AIMEE CHENG-BRADSHAW (@aimeechengbradshaw) and HANNAH BRADSHAW (@hannah__bradshaw): Let’s admit it — who doesn’t appreciate a good Instagram game, especially when said Instagram is fronted by some of the most influential models who are just as obsessed with beauty as we are. Yes, we’re talking about the Bradshaw sisters. When wearing heavy makeup for shoots as part of their jobs, we couldn’t help but wonder how’d they keep their makeup-less skin glowy ’round the clock. Managed under Basic Models Management, it’s no secret that the two sisters have a few tips and tricks of their own that they could offer up when it comes to beauty. Take note girls, they’re the next top models to keep on your radar.

JEMIMAH JAMES WEI (@jemmawei): Jemimah James Wei, otherwise more popularly known by her moniker, Jemma Wei, is the ultimate multi-hyphenate — her résumé includes being a television host, travel blogger, film producer, screenwriter, English teaching assistant, copywriter and also the writer behind her own personal lifestyle blog, jemmawei.com. On top of all the titles, she just added another to her list: NYLON Singapore’s 2019 Beauty Hit List judge. In addition to her sartorial savviness, Jemma is essentially a ray of sunshine personified — with a strong passion for travel, literature, fashion and more recently, beauty.

HANLI HOEFER (@hanlihoefer): Search Hanli Hoefer on Google and you’ll come across a dark-haired Peranakan-German beauty with a calm and confident personality, whom, for some, might be familiar with on MTV Asia. Aside from hosting, Hanli’s also been known for strutting down the runway at fashion shows and gracing the covers of magazines (especially on NYLON Singapore’s first anniversary back in April 2013! #throwback). While most of her job requires her being in front of the camera, the model-VJ-DJ prides herself on maintaining her beautiful skin by following good beauty habits.